Star plus one of the popular show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is high on major drama with the current track of Kairav’s custody case.In the upcoming episode,Karthik will tell Naira he has to leave for court hearing.Naira will say what is the need of court now that she has agreed.Karthik will tell her that court decision is the final one.

At the court Karthik will tell Damini not to say anything to Naira that will defame or make her uncomfortable.Naksh and Naira will see him talking angrily to Damini and Naksh will assume Karthik is pursuing the case to satisfy his ego inspite of Naira agreeing to give him custody.

At the hearing Naira will apologize to the judge for her behavior yesterday.Damini will request judge to continue her argument as Naira ran away yesterday.She will then tell Naira that she is a coward but a very cunning and manipulative woman.She calls Naira a careless mother as Kairav has run away from home several times and Karthik brought him home everytime.She will further say that she was neither a good mother nor wife.

Karthik will burst out and lashes at Damini for demeaning his Naira.He will apologize to court and say he has something to say.Judge will ask him to come to witness box.Karthik will tell judge that Naira is the best mother who always thinks about her child first.She infact agreed to give sole custody of Kairav to him but he was the one with big ego and dint think how this will affect Kairav.He will tell the judge that he want to withdraw the case and give sole custody to Naira.

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