Star Plus’s Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke is nowadays high on familial conflict as Kunal and Abir get caught into almost a fight over Abir’s love relationship with Mishti. While on one hand, Abir and Mishti supported Kunal and Kuhu in their love story, on the other hand, Kunal is doing exactly the opposite of that. Here, Kuhu is not that fond of Mishti either.

Therefore, there are chances of both going against the relationship of Abir and Mishti along with Meenakshi. Meenakshi has given in to accept Kunal’s alliance with Kuhu but she still is not going to accept the same between Abir and Mishti. In the upcoming episodes of the show, we will see how the relationship between Abir and Mishti becomes more and more detested by his family. Kunal will be in extreme anger knowing that Misti and Abir are in love with each other. Kunal will then go beyond all reasons and start looking for a chance to humiliate Mishti. He even decides to forget about his own brother and his feelings while doing that. Abir will try to calm everything up and speak to Kunal about it.

Still, Kunal will lash out at Mishti and speak against her. This will end up in Abir losing his cool and in an impulsive moment, he raises his hand over Kunal. The conflict between the brothers will then intensify further. Later in the episode, we will see Misti thinking about Abir. She goes over the questions he had asked. Bade Papa and Badi Maa will enter her room right then and they will discuss with her whether she is happy with the relationship between Kunal and Kuhu. Mishti will assure them she is actually very happy about it.

Meanwhile, she will get a call from Abir but she will not receive the call in front of her Badi Maa. Now, we will also see Kunal and Meenakshi hatching a plan to keep Abir and Mishti apart. As per it, Kunal will create a huge scene at the boutique. Keep this space abuzz for more updates.

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