The episode starts with everyone is settled for breakfast in Maheshwari house wife Mishti comes and serves her handmade Chila to everyone. Varsha ask Mishti about Kuhu, Mishti says she went for jogging. Mishti says I know you people are worried. Everything happens because of me, Kunal was your preference from the beginning but I came in between. Shaurya says if not you, we will never get to know about the dominating nature of Kunal.

Kunal can never treat the relation of husband and wife with equality. Dadu announced Mr. Chauhan is coming tomorrow and from now Kunal name will not be uttered in the house. Kuhu listens to them and their decisions and gets worried.

Kunal comes back home and Abir asks him whether he likes Kuhu or not? Kunal gets speechless, Meenakshi listens to their conversation from balcony. Abir assumes Kunal’s silence as a positive response for Kuhu and Kunal alliance. Misthti text Abir to talk, he asks her to call later as he is busy.

Kunal comes to meet Meenakshi when Meenakshi apologise to him. Meenakshi says that even if as a mother I am equally worried for all my sons, you are going to be special because you are my younger child. She continues that I am not at all ready to put you in an awkward situation with Kuhu. Kunal assures her that he is okay. Meenakshi says that I know you will be okay and the way you talk to Abir I am sure that you are eligible enough to handle this situation.

Mishti and Kuhu had a sweet argument in their room. Mishti says I am not interested to know what is happening in your life. Still if you want you can tell me. Kuhu says the moment you stopped interfering in my life, my headache is reducing slowly. Mishti says but at the end you have to come to me for help. Kuhu thinks I gave 16 missed calls to Kunal but he didn’t pick up my calls.

Kunal informs his mom the same and says I guess Kuhu is in some trouble and she is not eligible enough to handle her problems. Meenakshi asks Kunal to not to take her calls. Kunal overhears Abir and Nanu conversation.
Mishti is waiting for Abir’s call when she sees Kuhu is packing her bags and is planning to escape from the house at night. She secretly locks the room and decides to take help.

Kunal, Abir and Nanu are having fun in the house when Kunal says a poetry which left Abir and Nanu in laghs. Abir says poetry don’t suit you, people will run after listening to it. Kunal goes to being juice for all.
Mishti enter Rajvansh house in disguise and aims to reach Abir’s room. She escapes Kunal eyes and reaches Abir room and searching for him. Suddenly she slips and the painting gets uncovered. She stands up and noticed the painting in mirror. She gets shocked to know Abir likes her and the painting belongs to her. She remembers her moments with Abir when Abir and Nanu come into his room. Abir says Mishti is online but will not give reply to me. Mishti gets overwhelmed and cries thinking about her and Abir, finally Nanu left and asks Abir to sleep now.

Mishti gets an opportunity and runs from there, Abir gets to listen to a sound and walks off. Dhonu shouts and says who stole my uniform? Here Abir tries to catch Mishti but he fails, one shoe of the pair of Mishti lay there. Abir feels worried, who thinks which thief left their sandals likes this. Here Mishti cries in happiness and thinks Abir likes me but from when? The song plays in the background while Mishti recalls her moments with Abir. Mishti realises that one pair of shoe is missing from her leg.

Precap : Meenakshi asks Kunal whether he truly loves Kuhu or not? Kunal feels numb.