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Star Plus’ popular show is gearing up for more drama with Nimmo getting suspicious of Yuvraj’s intention.

In the current story it’s seen that Ansh cries. Amrita tries to calm him down, but she’s not able to stop baby’s cry. Pritam tries, but he’s not able too. Yuvraj talks to Ansh and diverts him and he gets convinced. Sakhujas are suprised and parises Yuvraj. Yuvraj goes apart with an excuse of making an important call to smoke. Pritam sees Yuvraj and they introduce themselves each other.
They talk about Amrita and Sakhujas and praises them. Kuljeet phones Guneet and asks how he found Yuvraj. Guneet says that Yuvraj is a nice guy and requests him to not send another guy until Ansh grows a little. Kuljeet agrees. Pritam plans with his friends about going to Ludhiana to catch the UD through Sandy, but Nithin informs Pritam that the S.P of Ludhiana with whom Pritam has rivalry, got to know about his visit, so he won’t let him enter Ludhiana.

Therefore Pritam decides to find another way to reach Ludhiana. Pritam sees Amrita massaging Ansh. He instructs Amrita to massage the baby using her palm instead of her fingers. The maid says to Amrita to not listen to him as he doesn’t have any experience in a child’s upbringing.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Pritam will say to his friends that he will go to Ludhiana with Amrita. He will say that Amrita has to come to Ludhiana with her, as her train tickets hasn’t got confirmed yet. He will instruct to make his fake ID on Karan Sakhujas’ name. Amrita will tell Pritam that she’s going to Ludhiana after two years. She will say that Karan planned to go to Ludhiana with her then to Manali, but he found another way for him.

Will Amrita find that Pritam created his fake Id on Karan’s name? How she will react?

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