Wait is going to over, as the moment which you all are eagerly waiting for is going to come soon. In the upcoming sequence will see Rohit will finally confess his feeling to Sonakshi.

In the recent episodes it is seen Rohit finally decided to move on in his life. He thinks to confess his feeling to Sonakshi and rehearse to propose her. Meanwhile, Suman advices Sonakshi to put an end to the fake couple drama, as it will hurt her later.

Rohit in the upcoming episode will refuse to put an end to the fake couple drama and will tell to Sonakshi that he is comfortable with her. Further, when Sonakshi will go to meet Raima, Rohit will propose her at the same hospital. Later, Sippyโ€™s and Rastogiโ€™s will meet and both the families will have dinner together.

Lots of RONAKSHI moment on the way before Raima enters to form love triangle.

Rohit Sonakshi fans are already excited for the upcoming. Fans today is all set to trend #3MonthsOfRonakshi, as the couple three months ago met for the first time today only and have come a long way.

So, on the occasion of #3MonthsOfRonakshi we connected with RONAKSHI fans to know what made them to fall for the couple.

RONAKSHI fans have beautifully poured their hearts out in the form of words to express their love for the couple.ย  And now as promised here we are sharing; top 10 replies who gained our attention.




Fans’ love everything about Ronakshi and these replies are the prove.ย 

Last but not the least do read a short poem quoted by a fan out there who has beautifully expressed the love for RONAKSHI!

So, these are our top 10 fan comments. Thank you for participating in our FAN FUN ACTIVITY!

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