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In the upcoming episode of Star Plus one of the most popular show ‘Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke’, Nirmala will console Ketki not to take it too seriously about Karan’s photo falling down. Meenakshi will appreciate how strong Nirmala is inspite of losing a son. Nirmala in turn will tell her she is the one who is strong to let go of her son and daughter away from family. She will start taunting Mishti and start speaking ill about her, making her responsible for taking away a son from the family. Mishti will silently endure everything while Nirmala will go on. Abir will defend Mishti and tell Meenakshi that outsiders are insulting his wife knowing well that no one in family will stand up for her. Nirmala will feel insulted and angrily calls off the wedding.

Mishti will ask Abir why he spoke that way to Ketki’s in-laws. In a heated argument, Abir will blurt out that Karan was the one who attacked Mishti and Ketki is getting married into the family she has been searching. Mishti is shocked. Abir will realize with a start he was dreaming. Mishti will come there and feel horrible as Ketki wedding was called off because of the way he spoke to Nirmala. Abir will tell her he will apologize to Normal.

Varun and his father will try to talk to Nirmala and tell her gently that she could have avoided talking about Mishti as Ketki is the one Varun is marrying. Varun will tell her he wants to marry Ketki but Nirmala leave pretending to take rest. Ketki will be depressed. Parul will ask Abir again  to tell her what is troubling him. They hear a noise and find Ketki unconscious on the floor. Varun will bring doctor and tell them she fainted while talking to him on phone. The whole family is stunned when the doctor reveal that Ketki is pregnant.

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