Actor Aakanksha Singh is an avid fan of Bigg Boss and has been following this season closely. The actor, who has been part of the film Badrinath Ki Dhulhania as well as Telugu films Malli Raava and Devadas, says that the show has reached a nail-biting turn and she cannot wait to see how everything unfolds. “The tagline, ‘Ab scene Paltega’ is well suited for this season because every now and then there are some new twists. They started the show with seniors in the house and now they are coming up with other new wild card entries of previous hit seasons. Bigg boss has opened the doors as in the finale, only four contestants will remain in the house. So, it’s really exciting and surprising to see the new changes in this season. You never know what’s going to happen next!” says Aakanksha, who has been part of shows such as Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha and Gulmohar Grand.

The actor says that it is natural for contestants to fight inside the house, however they must not cross their limits. “See when you stay in one house, even with your family, you tend to get angry and fight. Even with your siblings or your parents, it is bound to happen and I think it’s natural,” she says, adding, “Honestly, I like the episodes where are they are having fun, doing tasks, pulling each other’s leg. But when it comes to a verbal spat, sometimes it goes out of proportion. It goes beyond mere arguments and that I personally don’t like. People should avoid personal attacks.”

Ask her who she thinks will win, and she says, “I am not rooting for any particular person in the house as I think that each one of them is playing really well and playing their own game. They have their own shades of personalities which we see through the tasks or in their arguments. I just hope the best one wins, I personally know Rubina, Abhinav, and Jasmin as they stay in the same building and I know how strong these three are. I like Eijaz and Rahul too, Rahul for his entertainment quotient, the way he does mimicry and keeps people entertained.”

Aakanksha loves the way superstar host Salman Khan hosts the show too. “I still remember I met Salman sir on season five when he was hosting the show with Sanjay Dutt sir. He launched Na Bole Tum season one on Bigg Boss. All I can say is that he is a charmer, very upfront, and spontaneous. I don’t think anyone could host Bigg Boss the way he does, he’s the best host for the show,” she says.