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Episode begins with Vanraj meets Anupamaa outside Paritosh’s room before he goes inside she stops him by holding his hand. Anupamaa shows the sleeping pills to him, he gets shattered seeing that. He says his son came to home in drunken state and they got these pills from his pocket.

He says he also used to get angry on his parents but never left the house in anger. He asks time changed or they doesn’t get to know how to behave like a parents and they cries (Title song plays in background).

Anirudh talks about their past memories with Kavya. She asks him to stop living in past and warns him to stay in his limits if he is staying in her house then. He asks what she will do if he crosses the limits and says usually in anger girls goes to their mother’s house but will she go to her boyfriend’s house.

She says if he have shown this interest on her earlier then they would not be fighting for divorce now. He says he maybe not attentive towards her but he was loyal to her and he says he doesn’t understand how she end up as a second woman. He says she maybe happy but he is not happy seeing her as second woman and says he won’t let her become like that for lifelong. He says he won’t let her leave from his life that easily.

Dolly asks Vanraj now who will talk to Paritosh. Leela asks Vanraj to not scold Paritosh. She says she can forgive Paritosh for his doings but she can’t tolerate if anything happens to him. Leela’s brother says it’s not time to get angry they should handle it carefully and explain him with love. Anupamaa says she will make him understand and he will listen her.

Vanraj says he trusted her but she could not handle the house and she is responsible for everything which is happening now. He says she just end up in kitchen and failed to took place in their kid’s heart. He says he is ready to trust her again and gives one last chance to make everything alright in one day. He asks is she have trust on herself, if she failed he will do in his way then.

Anupamaa says she can do and will do for her son. She goes to Paritosh’s room and sees her son’s sleeping. She says she doesn’t know how she will do but she will do it for him and she can even fight against God for his happiness.

Next day, Anupamaa gives lemonade to Paritosh. He hugs her from behind and apologize to her saying he should not have behaved like that. Vanraj sees that and leaves from there. Anupamaa says he realized his mistake that’s good and asks him to promise her that he will never repeat that mistake.

Leela says Vanraj did wrong by giving another chance to Anupamaa, in their house all drama happened because of Anupamaa only. He leaves from there without saying anything.

Anupamaa says Paritosh is her brave son and advices him how to face the difficult situations in life. She says Vanraj may get angry on him but he loves him too. She says he has to fight for himself and his family will fight against the world for him.

She says she will keep her promise and asks him to give some time to her. He says he trust her but he is not seeing any hope and his depression keep increasing. He says he wants happiness, positivity but he is breaking and could not able to help him and feel helpless. He asks her to save him and cries.

Episode ends.

Precap – Anupamaa asks Rakhi to meet her for Rakhi at least once.