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Episode begins with Veer says Rajeshwari called Jay so everyone treated him well in this house but doing engagement in hurry is wrong. Rajmata says he is right when it’s about engagement and marriage they should not take any decision in hurry. Padmini says Jay is prince not some common man and everyone knows him already then now what they wants to know about him. She says this engagement was supposed to happen anyway and using this chance they can call Rajeshwari too.

Veer says it’s about Nanthini’s life and says they throw Jay out of the house for a reason and says he wants to be sure about him before taking any decision. Padmini asks him that then what about Rajeshwari. He says Rajeshwari can’t stay away from them for long and once she calm down they can talk to her and convince her easily. Dikvijay says he will talk to Jay about it. Rani tells Champa to come with her and tell everything to Veer and Rajmata so they can throw Jay out of the house. Dikvijay says he wants to talk to Jay.

Rani comes there with Champa and says she wants to tell something about Jay and she can’t wait anymore. Veer thinks he warned her to not interfere and hopes she won’t mess up anything now. He says they are already talking so she can talk later. She tells him to not stop her and says Jay misbehaved with Champa. Everyone shocks hearing her. She shows Champa’s hand to them and says it happened because of Jay. Padmini asks Champa to speak something.

Rani tells Champa that everyone is with her so she should tell the truth without fearing about anyone. Rajmata asks what happened. Champa says Jay is not responsible for this wound but it happened while doing work and Jay didn’t misbehave with her. Jay gets relieved hearing her. Rani asks why she is lying now. Veer thinks Rani won’t lie also he knows about Jay’s character. He asks Champa to tell the truth. Champa says she already told the truth and says she doesn’t know what she expects her to say. Rani asks why she is lying like this in front of everyone.

Rajmata says Nanthini’s marriage talks going on and tells Rani to not do any drama. Padmini tells Champa to go inside. Pinku sees everything. Vikram comes there and asks what’s happening here. Jay says he never said anything to Rani even though she insulted him always and talked ill about his character without any proof. He asks why she is punishing him like this when he did nothing other than loving Nanthini. He says he can’t stay in this house after this much insult and says everyone doubting him that’s why they are postponing the engagement too and was about to call Rajeshwari to inform that he is leaving the house.

Padmini stops him and tells Dikvijay to convince him. Dikvijay says they will do Jay and Nanthini’s engagement soon. Rani tries to convince Dikvijay but he yells at her. She wonders why Champa lied. Jay mocks Rani. Veer scolds Rani saying Dikvijay was about to cancel the engagement but Rani spoiled everything. Rani cries and says she just wanted to help Champa. He says she knows nothing but acts like she knows everything and says because of her Nanthini’s marriage going to happen with Jay.

Episode ends.