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Colors tv show Balika Vadhu is captivating viewers attention as closest friends Premji & Khimji have turned against each other. Out of selfishness Premji has lost his sense of judgement and broken off all the ties with Khimji and Anandi. Khimji has chosen his daughter’s happiness over relationship and friendship.

The previous episode started with Sejal asking Premji why he didn’t stop them. Premji said he wanted to keep Anandi here and explained the reason still Khimji took her with him. Khimji felt upset and broken recalling all the past moments of his friendship with Premji. Anandi felt guilty of having become the reason for breaking their friendship. Anandi thanked them for keeping their promise and bringing her back with them. Kanku and Jigar tried to ask Maadi Baa about the incident. She told them that in anger Premji said something he should not have. The wounds are deep and will take time to heal.

While arranging his books, Jigar noticed that one of the book is of Anandi. He called her to ask about it. Screw of fan above Jigar had loosened. Anandi asked Jigar to show her plants from garden, as soon as he turned to leave, fan fell down. All assume that it was because of Anandi that Jigar’s life was saved. In the upcoming episode we will see Premji tricking Anandi to get in his car and will her take her to Raigarh against her will.

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