The episode starts with a director named Ho young directing a scene with veteran actor Kim Soo Ro. He wants him to get into pool for a scene but Soo Ro refuses and in return name call the Director. Hyun Joo is having food with her mother on video call when she hears door bell. She asks who it is and she answers tit to be Eun Sang- Ma Tae Oh’s wife. Her mother gets shocked hearing it but she immediately cuts the call. Hyun Joo apologizes Eun Sang but she says that she’s not at fault. She asks about Ma Tare Oh visiting her and Hyun Joo answers that he rarely visits them and also she found about Eun Gyul and her after her school. Eun Sang recalls throwing Ma out of the house. Ma finds his son drunk and confronts him about it but he leaves taunting him. Ma comes to his office with his bag to stay there. Next day Jae In have a difficult time to persuade Soo Ro and Ho young. She asks Soo Ro why wouldn’t he want to get into the pool for the scene for which Soo Ro reveals that ha has aquaphobia. He also asks her to not reveal it to anyone as once he gave inspiring speech that the actor has to overcome their fears when it comes to their job.

Jung don come sexciting to office and Hee Sun asks the reason for it. He says that he found a role for her who’s street Hip Hop dancer from abroad. Hee Sun’s smile drops upon hearing about it. Eun Soo suspects Maa seeing him in office with his bag and goes to check it. She finds only his underwear in it and rushes out with it as he was about to catch her. Jae In tries persuading Ho Young to take the scene near water and not inside.  He doesn’t agree but she threatened him to accept it. Later Hyun Joo brings it to him and apologizes for the bizarre. She says that she’s finding new job and will soon leave the company. Hee Sun practices very hard for the audition.

Ho Young and Soo Ro shoots the scene but Ho Young is not satisfied. They indulge in war of words when all of a sudden Soo Ro falls in pool by mistake. He comes out and confronts Ho Young who slips and hit his head. Jae In have a hard time controlling them. Hyun Joo suggests to keep anyone in the project for the benefit of the company as that’s what Ma teaches. Jae In asks her not to learn from him as for them the clients are more important than company. She ask her to give a script to EunGyul. She meets wiwth him in café who says that he has no complaints with her as it’s Ma who made the mistake. He asks if she’s a single child and she says yes. He says that it amy take time for him to accept her as sister. Jae In comes to Soo Ro’s house  and knocks the door but he didn’t hear. She jumps the wall to reach his house but got surrounded by dog. Soo ro rescues her and she lies that Ho Young wants to apologize to in person. Soo Ro shows her the mini rubber tub he has bought to practice to overcome his fear and Jae In appreciates his efforts. She decides to speak with Ho Young in the evening.

In the evening, Jae In gets ready to meet with Ho Young and promises Sang Uk to come back for movie as she would be having dinner outside with the director. He sends her asking her to come back soon. She meets with Ho Young in the bar who complaints that Soo Ro doesn’t respect him as Director justr because he’s senior actor. Jae In lies to him that Soo Ro regrets his actions but he doesn’t believe it. He invites her for his birthday party. She seduces him and pours drink on him. Once he leaves, she texts Soo Ro from his phone inviting him for his birthday party and deletes the message. Next day, Jae In apologizes Sang Uk who complaints that she came back completely drunk after 3 am. He reminds her about her meeting his friends in the evening. Though she needs to got o Ho Young’s party she commits to him. Later she vents out her trouble to Jung Don. Hee Sun messes with the audition and also hurts the Director by mistake. Jung Don confronts her for messing it when she reveals that she only knows to act and not dance. Jung Don scolds her for not informing him prior but she balmes him for being a faulty agent who doesn’t know the strength and weaknesses of his stars and leaves angrily. Ma visits Eun Sang in spa who’s not ready to forgive him. However she also says that she didn’t reveal the truth to her father yet.

Jae In gets ready to go to party with Soo Ro and once again makes some excuse to Sang Uk. She reaches the party and gives the gift to Soo Ro asking him to give it to Ho Young. Ho Young accets it but leaves without apologizing while Soo Ro gets upset. Ma is drinking alone when Hyun Joo calls him to have dinner with him and he meets her. She spologizes for the standard of food but Ma enjoys it. They share some good times while Ma thanks Hyun Joo. Jae In speaks with Ho Young in private and finally reveals the real reason behind Ho Young not accepting the scene. Soo ro hears them while they both tries persuading him. He says that he needs to overcome his fear and so gets in water despite them asking him not to. Ho Young hugs him and calls him the best actor. Sang Uk comes to the party and finds Jae In drinking and hugging Ho Young in pool. She sees him and tries explaining but he’s not ready to listen. He leaves breaking up with her.

Hee Sun apologizes Jung Don and they were about to go out for dinner when Jae In barges out from lift and cries over her break up. Jung Don consoles her while Hee Sun leaves. Soo Ro excels the shot and everyone appreciates it. Jae In understands that she was scared to love someone with her whole heart which is why she did all the mistakes. She goes to office and Sang Uk leaves winding up his work. Ma reveals that Wang has evaded tax for a long time and so the fine is higher. He says Mrs Wang that they need to hold acquaintance as he had a fight with his wife. Jae In runs after Sang Uk and kisses him while the whole office witness it. They have a passionate kiss but he still left her after the kiss. Jung Don decides to stop going after Jae In. The employess were at karaoke when Myeong Ae recalls the time when Ma broke up with his wife when there in Busan and disappeared for the next three days before coming back. It’s probably the time he cheated on his wife with Hyun Joo’s mother but he didn’t reveal the truth. While Ma and the seniors leave the juniors leave to celebrate Hyun Joo’s welcome party. Jae In sis alld runka nd drenched in rain. She comes to Sang Uk’s cabin and gets shocked seeing someone.