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Today’s episode opens with Day 54 at 8 Am; inmates wakes up at the beat of ‘tera ghar ye mera ghar’ song.

9 AM; Rubina asks Kavita to assign breakfast and dinner duty to someone else. Kavita asks her to give the reason. Rubina says she has problem with her captaincy thus, she wants to switch her duty. Aly tries to interrupts and Kavita asks him not to interrupt her. Kavita address Aly goon. Both of them argue with each other. Rubina says she has a problem with her captaincy. Kavita calls Rubina weak. Both of them argue with each other.

9:15 AM; Kavita says to Nikki that Rubina is standing with wrong. Niki says Rubina already confessed that. There, Rubina says to Eijaz, Kavita says to everyone ‘who is he/she’? Other side, Niki urge to her fans to throw Rubina out from the house.

Later, Kavita says she will prepare breakfast when Rahul and others says they are hungry.

10 AM; Kavita asks Rubina not to enter the kitchen if she is not preparing food. Rubina asks Kavita to be leader not dictator.

Ahead, Abhi sleep and Kavita asks her not to break the rule. Abhi took out his mike. Bigg Boss asks Abhinav to wear the mike. Kavita asks Abhinav to wear his mike. Kavita and Abhi argue with each other.

2:45: Rubina reads the BB letter and tells inmates about the new BB zone that is named as BB MOJ

4 PM; Kavita reads the rule of BB Panchayat. Team Rubina and Team Jasmin. Kavita becomes the dictator of the task.

4:15 PM; Jasmin goes to Kavita and asks if she will play fair or she will avenge for previous day. Aly gets angry on Jasmin for asking Kavita about it. There, Eijaz, Rubina and Abhi make their task strategy. Pavitra joins them later.

4:30 PM; Bigg Boss asks both the teams to stay at their allotted area. Eijaz takes his team to bedroom area. BB says post buzzer will ring first issue will be raised for Kitchen area.

5 PM;  Rubina gets annoyed with Abhi post he tried to make her listen his strategy towards the task.

5:15 PM; Buzzer rings and task starts. Rubina and Jasmin face-off happen over the kitchen issue. Kavita asks both to keep their point of view. Jamsin raise the point that Rubina don’t deserve Kitchen area because she refused to prepare the food today. Aly, Nikki and Rahul claps for Jasmin. Kavita gives her support to Jamsin’s raised issue.


6 PM; Aly says they got kitchen now they have to fight for washroom. Rahul says opposite team is feeling

6:15 PM Eijaz looks for water bottle. Nikki asks Eijaz to go. Eijaz gets adamant to stay back at kitchen hearing Niki. Pavitra asks Eijaz to go. Nikki says Pavitra is not visible then she is trying to fetch attention. Pavitra and Nikki argue with each other.  Later, Bigg Boss says now Panchayat will settle to fight for bedroom area.

7 PM; Kavita welcomes both the teams. Rubina and Jasmin stands against each other to argue for bedroom area. Rubina starts the task and keep her point of view. Jasmin and Rubina argue with each other. Kavita says her room was not cleaned today by Jasmin, thus she give bedroom area to Team Rubina.


7:45 PM; Jasmin says to Team Rubina if they want to prepare their dinner they can. Aly and Eijaz discuss and says they will support Rahul to become the captain. Further, Eijaz and Rahul argue with each other. There, Nikki gets upset with Kavita for giving bedroom to Rubina’s team inspite she was not good yet cleaned the bedroom. Later, Bigg Boss announces that BB Panchayat task for the day is over.  He says but terms and condition will be same and both the teams will only use the area allotted to them.

Team Rubina discuss whom to allow to sleep in the bedroom. Here, Kavita asks Nikki not to get upset with her. Niki says her reason was not valid as she mentioned she don’t want to be biased thus gave bedroom to Team Rubina.

9:15 PM; Abhinav asks Jasmin to give onion for eating salad. Jamsin says onion is not essential and will not give same like iron is not essential for Nikki. Abhi refuses to give iron to Nikki.

Jamsin asks Nikki if she has make-up kit. Nikki says she already fetched it and now thinking to fetch make-up brush. Jamsin says Pavitra don’t sleep whole night. Episode ends with BB saying tomorrow new story will be written and more equations will get changed inside the house.