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The show begins in day 44 at 11.00 pm, Court task going in the activity area. Dhanalakshmi filed a case against Ratchitha for not gave fair result in the foot ball match. Robert is the judge of this case. Aysha arguing in favour of Dhanalakshmi and Vickram for Ratchitha.
Robert asks Aysha to share about the case history. Aysha says to him that Dhanalakshmi and Mynaa were playing the foot ball match. Manikandan supported Dhanalakshmi and Ram for Mynaa. While Manikandan kick the ball Mynaa’s leg was hurt. Manikandan attention turns towards her. Ram kicks the ball using this situation. Goal went upon Dhanalakshmi’s head. It’s a foul game. Bigg Boss asks Aysha who is her witness? She mentions Shivin and Mynaa name. But both of them refuses to support Dhanalakshmi in the court. Dhanalakshmi says that she is going to play her game different this time.

Vickram gets a clear clarification from Aysha about the case. Aysha narrates to him. Aysha inquires Ratchitha how did she announced the result? Ratchitha says that goal went between the goal post. Aysha asks her doesn’t ball went upon her head? Ratchitha denied it. She asks her how could she announce the results when someone attention on the person who was hurt. Doesn’t it a foul game. Robert asks Aysha to go and sit. He adds that only she is cross questioning her. Let him inquire too. Vickram inquires Ratchitha Is she sure goal went between the goal post. He inquires Dhanalakshmi about it. Dhanalakshmi clears the situation to him. She adds that she tried to defend it upon her head. It’s a foul game. Vickram inquires Ram about it. He is firm in his statement that he kicked the ball inbetween the goal post. Amudhavanan also gave statement favour to Ratchitha. Robert asks the jury members to share their opinion about this case. Jury members supports Ratchitha based on Witness statement. Robert announced that Vickraman is the winner of this case.

At 11.45 pm, Shivin shares with Dhanalakshmi that she refused to support her there because she didn’t see it. When she doesn’t have any clarity in this incident. How she will support her. Dhanalakshmi says that it’s not about game. She is able to support her right? Ratchitha and Robert comes there. Robert says that she will get angry on her for it. Ratchitha asks him to leave this matter. Robert asks Shivin to bring the mala and arathi. She takes arathi to Ratchitha and welcome her to home. Meanwhile, Mynaa says to Aysha that she gave case on Ratchitha actually. She doesn’t have clarity in this incident. If she don’t have any idea about it people will misunderstand her in it. Aysha says to Mynaa that she doesn’t know anything about it. But she feels embarrassed there when no one supported Dhanalakshmi there.

At 11.50 pm, Amudhavanan asks Dhanalakshmi to speak with him but she deny it. Ratchitha asks her Does she angry on her? Dhanalakshmi deny it. She tells her that she would have take it easily if it’s not for captaincy task. As a refree she failed to give another chance to her. Mynaa asks the Bigg Boss to give a clarity to her in this incident. She isn’t able to take any decisions as a captain. This complaint keeps bothering her.

At 12.10 am, Aysha says to Mynaa that Dhanalakshmi’s case is refree didn’t stopped the match. When Mynaa was hurt she would have stopped Ram from kicking the ball. Manikandan says that it’s Ratchitha’s mistake. Robert asked Aysha why didn’t Dhanalakshmi asked her to stop it on that place? Aysha says that as a refree she wanted to do it. Robert asks her does she know anything about foot ball? He says that Dhanalakshmi asking about it after two days. Why did she stayed silent there? He witnessed it. That is why he is supporting her there. He wasn’t talking with Ratchitha from morning so don’t misunderstand that he gave judgement favour to her.

Mynaa says to Aysha that Manikandan is playing for opposite team. When she was hurt he shouldn’t have come to her to help her. She may be his friend. But he shouldn’t have come. Next Ram put goal there Dhanalakshmi defend it. It seems both are in the game already even though Mynaa was hurt. As a refree she didn’t stop the match too. If Dhanalakshmi disappointed with the result she would have asked the refree to conduct second match.

Day 45 at 9.35 am, Morning wake up song plays inside the house. Housemates are dancing for the song ” Dandanakka” then greets each other

At 10.00 am, Robert explaining the luxury budget task to Manikandan. It’s a spin wheel.

At 10. 20 am, Ratchitha says to Mynaa that they shouldn’t use onion except cooking. Because they doesn’t have sufficient onion to cook. She is saying it to her because it’s her duty to inform a captain about this. She added that Mynaa might inform this to Shivin. Mynaa adds that Amudhavanan who is using more onion for making snacks and side dish.

At 11.20 am, Kathir reading the luxury budget task information to everyone. Task name Spinning wheel. When buzzer plays who is holding the wheel and the steering first are allowed to participate in the task. One person wants to hold the holder in the wheel and survive untill 3 minutes. If he sustain for 3 minutes he will get 400 luxury budget points. If the person asks spinner to stop the wheel or fall down from it. He will get 400 points.

At 11.40 am, Buzzer plays. Kathir and Manikandan touches it. Manikandan is spinning the wheel. Kathir is standing on the wheel. Housemates are appreciating them. Kathir wins the task and gets 400 points. Bigg Boss congratulates him.

At 11.50 am, Ratchitha asks Amudhavanan doesn’t he working in kitchen team? He nods with her. Ratchitha requests Amudhavanan to ask Robert to eat something. Robert refuses to eat it reasoning he isn’t hungry. He will definitely eat the food because he won’t starve.

At 12.30 pm, Ratchitha asks Kathir to give Uppuma to Robert. He refuses to eat again. He lies to him that he has vomitting sensation

At 12. 40 pm, Bigg Boss says to Azeem that his case is approved. He asks Azeem to read his case. Azeem adds that he got a secret task to steal the things. He hide the key for his task. But ADK humiliate him and personally targeted him in that task. He did like that in personal vengeance. He might apologize to him for it.

At 12.50 pm, Azeem asks Manikandan Is he interested to argue for him in the court? Manikandan denied it reasoning it’s tough to handle his case. It’s a head ache case. Azeem asks Amudhavanan the same. He tells him that he isn’t talented to talk like him in the court. Azeem clears to him that he doesn’t want to take Vickram help to win in it. He suggests him to discuss about it with Shivin. She may be help him.

At 2.10 pm, Shivin asks Azeem doesn’t he get any other lawyer to argue for him? Azeem says that he need a really talented person to take this case. It’s a strong case. Everyone are scared to take it. He advise her to read it twice and say her decision. Shivin reads the case and agreed to argue in favour of him. Azeem asks her to confirm it with Bigg Boss.

At 2.25 pm, Azeem informs to camera that Shivin agreed to argue for him in the court. Shivin says to camera about her case history.

At 2.30 pm, Shivin gives the summon to ADK. She tells him that Azeem filed an case against him.
Its the court notice for him. Shea asks him to appoint a lawyer for him. If he has any doubt just ask her in it.

At 2.45 pm, ADK informs to Camera that he appointed Vickram as his lawyer. He will defend him in the court. Vickram nods to the camera.

At 3.10 pm, housemates are discussing about each other who will become a next judge? According to votes basic they choose Ram as next judge.

At 4.00 pm, Housemates are in the court room. Bigg Boss asks Shivin to announce their witness. She mentions Queency and Kathir name. Kathir agrees to support Azeem but Queency deny it reasoning she isn’t aware of this incident. She doesn’t want to give a wrong statement in the court. Azeem says to Shivin that he already said to her she won’t support him.

Vickraman announces that Mynaa and Dhanalakshmi are his witness. Mynaa agreed to support ADk but Dhanalakshmi deny it reasoning she has no idea about this incidents.

Shivin reads the case history and interrogate ADK about this case. ADK clears to her that he isn’t aware of his secret task. According to him Azeem hide the key and showed injustice to Kathir. That is why he got angry on Azeem. He uses his profession to target him personally. It’s personally triggered him to shout like that. Shivin smartly questioned Kathir to make him confess that his leg wasn’t hurt though Azeem created a scene he was hurt. Kathir clears to her that he wasn’t hurt there. Vickram interrogate Azeem and ADK. He proves to them that ADK didn’t targetted him personally. Ram scolds Azeem for contacting him straight. She asks him to calm down. There is a heating arguements between them.

Ram hears both side statement and demands the jury to give their opinion. Jury supports Vickram and ADK there. Ram gives the judgement favour to Azeem and Shivin. Everyone is surprised to hear it.

At 6.00 pm, Ram discussing with Vickram about the case. Housemates are disappointed with Ram’s judgement.

At 6.25 pm, Shivin plays the luxury budget task. She earns 400 points.

Episode end

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