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Maa TV new show Brahmamudi serial is attracting audiences with its fresh storyline and it’s interesting to watch how the lives of Kavya and her sister change forever once they cross paths with the duggiraala brothers.

As reported earlier, Raj meets Swapna and introduces her to his family. Dhana Lakshmi tells Swapna ‘they are happy to see her’. Swapna says she came again as she lost her earring the last night. Rudrani says you said you guys are super rich then why you’re worried about an earring?

Swapna says the earring is a small one but it’s special to me as it was gifted by my mom on my birthday. She says gold is not important but relations are important. Everyone gets impressed with Swapna’s pov. Kavya and Appu come near Duggurala’s house. Guard doesn’t allow them inside.

Appu and Kavya request Guard to allow them inside but he doesn’t agree. Raj gives the earring to Swapna. Swapna thinks about how to get closer to Raj. Rudrani says Swapna may leave as her work is done. Aparna asks Swapna to stay to eat breakfast with them.

Swapna agrees. Aparna goes to prepare tiffin. Security calls Raj and informs him that someone is creating an issue outside. Raj says he is coming.

Kanakam asks Pandit to check her daughter’s horoscope. Pandit checks the horoscope and says Kavya and Appu will get married to a rich house but Swapna’s marriage has a problem as she has Kuja dosha. Kanakam feels worried and asks him to suggest Santhi puja. Pandit checks the horoscope and tells her Swapna’s life will be settled when Kavya is near her and Kavya has to become the protector of Swapna.

Kanakam feels happy knowing it and goes to get him tea.
Appu goes to get something to teach a lesson to Guard. Raj comes out and questions Kavya why she came again. Guard says another boy comes with this girl and he looks like rowdy. Kavya says she is her sister. Security says she is lying. Raj threatens to get Kavya arrested if she is conspiring against his family.

Kavya doesn’t listen to him. Swapna sees Kavya and she makes Kavya leave. Later At the dining table, Aparna asks Swapna about her family. Swapna tells her about her family. She impresses Raj and his family with Kavya’s answers.
In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to witness Kanakam will pray to the goddess to get her daughter Swapna married to Raj as Swapna started dreaming of getting married to Raj. In the temple, Kavya does Pradakshina along with Raj but they don’t aware that they are in the same temple.

One boy collides with Kavya. She falls on Raj and who is about to fall but she holds him in time. During the fall he hits the sindoor plate and that sindoor falls in Kavya’s mang.
What’s in store for Swaraj and Kavya? Will Swapna get married to Raj?
All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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