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The episode starts with Angad getting allergic due to strawberries. Minty says Chandi about Angad allergy. Chandi realizes Pari’s plan and fumes. She gets disheartened while Robin gives Angad injection. He finds Chandi breaking plates furiously and recalls doing the same with Kalindi. Chandi comes home and twists Pari’s ears for cheating her. She recalls Robin saying about Angad and Kalindi breaking plates together.

 Yug is checking CCTV and spots Chandi. He wonders if they are born in same Star. Chandi says that she likes Angad and the family and wants to stay there with them. Guruma frees Kalindi and Brahmarakshas chases her. Iravat makes her skip and she falls into a deep cave. He reveals that he’s his brother and was searching for him. The family and Chandi surprises Minty for her birthday. Minty gets emotional and Robin gifts her a beautiful necklace. Chandi eyes the necklace but Sona warns her. Minty wishes to celebrate her birthday in simple way and they decides to play musical pillow.

Iravat joins hands with Brahmarakshas and promises to help him achieve whatever he want. They both hug. Brahmarakshas asks about Kalindi. Iravat asks him to let her be in the pit as there’s no one to help her. On the other hand everyone in the family are playing musical game. Angad is riding the cycle while others are playing musical pillow.

Everyone sings in their chance. Minty is dancing with her husband and he notices her necklace missing which he gave her. Shalini and Prithvi panics as Shalini tries to hide it. They all starts searching. Angad takes Chandi aside and asks if she stole it but she denies it. Shalini is making plans to sell the necklace. Sona comes there and plays the video of Shalini stealing it. Shalini pleads her to not reveal it and Sona asks her to give the necklace to her. She says she will return it to Minty.

Angad checks Chandi. Chandi gets upset and gets ready to leave. Robin and Minty finds the necklace in their room. Sona tries stopping her when Chandi says she don’t want to stay in a place where she gets accused. Robin and Minty says that they found the necklace and thinks thief would’ve kept it in the room.

Angad goes to find out when Chandi follows him. She plays him the video of Chachi stealing it and says that she hid it in order to save the family’s respect. Angad believes that she’s not Kalindi but Chandi convinces that she can be Kalindi too. Angad leaves confused while Chandi praises herself. Brahmarakshas is holding Guruma captive and she denies answering him anything. Iravat comes there and hypnotizes her.

Kalindi hears her family’s voices ringing in her head. Iravat reveals that the other one is Kalindi’s twin. She says that if they get united then his ruin is certain. Brahmarakshas wants to kill them both but Iravat says it is not useful. She says they shouldn’t unite else it will be very dangerous. Brahmarakshas decides to find the twin and keep her far away from Kalindi. He asks his team to find the viper at any cost.

Chandi wishes to visit temple and everyone offers to come with her. Pari too wants to come with her but Chandi injects something into her that she gets sleepy. She starts leaving with the family. Brahmarakshas is still searching for Chandi and decides to catch her at any cost. Shalini and Pari are fuming that Kalindi and Sona spoiled their plan. She asks Prithvi to do something. Prithvi asks her to wait for sometime so that they get a chance. Everyone are at temple and Sona prays with Ishaan. Angad says that he will not give her a chance to steal and they both argue. Few gundas shoot in air and calls out for Chandni.

Chandni lures them to steal jewels of Kali Maa and asks them to proceed. They keep everyone at gun point and goes to steal the jewels. They starts removing jewels and Angad says that he won’t let them take away the jewels. He asks if they are her men but Chandi denies. He asks her to prove by calling police.

Chandi picks his phone and calls Police. Brahmarakshas hears her voice and identifies her. Chandi fights with goons and Angad joins her. The family members too joins them and they defeat the goons. Angad gets impressed by Chandi and Minty praises her. Chandi sees police and gets shocked seeing Yug. He says he finally found her.

Precap : Angad stands by Chandi when Yug accuses her. Chandi decides to become Kalindi for Angad.