Sony Entertainment Television’s much-talked-about daily show Beyhadh-2 has captured the cumulative attention of the Indian audience. Jennifer Winget, who played a psychotic lover in the first season, is back in this season in a fiercer avatar. Filled with intense hate and rage, she will go to any extent to get her revenge. Let’s take a look at some of the factors which make this season of Beyhadh-2 a must-watch.

Maya’s styling:

In a contrast from the previous season, she will be seen before in a much glamorous, ravishing yet edgy look. Donning all black, she will change her persona to play hard-to-get with the elder brother, and a damsel-in-distress with the younger brother.

New characters:

Apart from Jennifer Winget’s Maya, all the characters in the show are new. While MJ (Ashish Choudhry) plays a multi-millionaire megalomaniac who thinks he is invincible and uses women and disposes of them according to his wish. Yet, he is God-fearing and loves his two sons Rudra and Rishi. While Rudra (Shivin Narang) is a charmer, who has faced betrayal in love in the past, and can’t let go of it, Rishi is happy-go-lucky guy.

New and gripping storyline:

While the previous season saw Maya’s Beyhadh love, this season will see Maya’s Beyhadh hate, and this will make the season much more intense as a woman seething in rage is much more dangerous than a woman obsessed with love. She will go to any lengths to extract her revenge. But what happened in her past that there is so much hate in her? How does she plan to take her revenge and why? The show will unravel the answers slowly.

Watch Maya perform her stunts herself:

Generally, TV actors do not invest the time and effort to learn and execute stunts on television. However, get ready to see Maya cross all levels of craziness and perform aerial yoga, boxing and fencing by herself in this thriller-drama.

Thrilling experience:

The show is going to give hair raising experience. Maya will be creating death traps for every other character to take her revenge and thrill will be how she performs it. Get habitual to getting fear run down to your spine. 

So, what are you waiting for? Watch Beyhadh-2 on Sony Entertainment Television, every Mon-Fri at 9 pm, starting December 2