SunTV’s popular show Chithi is having some major twists in these days in his storyline. Earlier it’s seen, Kavin makes arrangements to celebrate his first with Venba, but Yazhini spoils the decorations. Now it’s seen that Mallika takes a huge risk to spoil Kavin and Venba’s first night.

Previously it’s shown that Kavin and Ravi together decorate the room for Kavin and Venba’s first night. Otherside Yazhini is frustrated that Mallika’s plan was spoiled. She takes a screwdriver and goes to Kavin and Venba’s room. She spoils all the decoration and removes the room lock. Kavin notices her going out of their room. He tries to talk some sense into her in vain. Yazhini sees Venba boiling milk. She expresses her hatred for her and angrily leaves from there. She breaks the things venting out her anger. Mallika calms her down and reveals about her plan to stop Kavin and Venba’s first night. She risks her life by getting an injection in order to worse her own health to stop Kavin and Venba’s first night.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Kavin and Venba will share a cute and romantic moment. The couple wil put the music on. The song macha kanni will play in the background. Venba will tease Kavin by throwing the rose petals on him. Downstairs, Mallika, Yazhini and Gowri will fume the song and Venba and Kavin’s laughing. Mallika’s will start feeling more uneasy and she will faints. Yazhini will run to call Kavin.

Will Kavin come to know about his mom’s cunning plan? Will Venba able to change Yazhini’s heart and befriend her?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes. To know what will happen in your favorite show Chithi2, keep checking this space.