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The episode begins with Kavin mistaking Yazhini for Venba and expressing his feelings. He hugs her and says Venba’s name. Yazhini turns and looks at him stunned. Kavin stammers and says Venba is his best friend and Yazhini didn’t misunderstand her like others. Yazhini says she understands and calls Venba.

The latter pulls Kavin’s leg. Yazhini says thanks Kavin for that 3 words and says to Venba she is very happy and leaves. Kavin tries to explain to Venba but she says she is happy that he expressed his feelings for Yazhini in front of her. Hereafter she can be from any confusion and thanks Kavin.

Yazhini happily comes home and dances with Gowri. Yazhini says she is very happy since Kavin told her I love you for the first time. Mallika and Gowri are happy for Yazhini. Dharma hears them and looks unhappy. Gowri says she had some doubt, but now she is relieved. Yazhini warns Gowri not to treat-ill Venba.

She explains to that Venba and Kavin are thick friends and Venba was very happy when Kavin told her i love you. She calls Venba and asks Gowri to apologize to Venba and invites her to the engagement. Gowri do as Yazhini said. She tells Venba that Nandhini is responsible for the misunderstanding and invites Venba to Yazhini and Kavin’s engagement. Yazhini thanks her mom.

Dharma tells to Mallika that Venba is a nice girl and tries to convince her to drop her plan of killing Venba. Mallika asks him to leave the matter. She has to kill Venba in order to give pain to Saradha.

Shanmugam and Saradha comes home. Deeba, Anbu and Kalai eagerly asks what happened in the bank. Shanmugam tells they were refused loan since Venba is an orphan. Anbu suggests to try in another other bank. Nandhini says that bank can also refuse loan saying Venba is an orphan.

Anbu asks Nandhini to shut. Shanmugam asks all to think to find a way. Venba comes there and says she found a way. She says she has to sign the loan paper and one more person who get regular monthly income should sign it for their loan get sanctioned. Anbu asks Nandhini to sign the papers but the latter refused to sign saying she will sign the paper when they will construct their own house and she won’t for others.

Saradha asks if she has problem with this family. Nandhini says she has problem with Saradha. Shanmugam defends Saradha and says She had sacrificed everything for their sons and this family. Anbu takes the paper and says he will sign it, but Nandhini stops Anbu and blackmails him of leaving the house.

Deeba takes the paper from Anbu’s hand and signs it. She says that Anbu asked Nandhini to sign since she has an high income. She further adds she earns 150 rupees more than Nandhini. All gets happy except Nandhini. She distributes sweets to everyone happily. She gives sweet to Nandhini, but the latter goes from there unhappy.

Nandhini is sitting sad and recalls what happened. Deivanayagi asks what happened. Nandhini says she thought Saradha wouldn’t get loan, but Deepa spoiled everything. She says to Deivanayagi and Gomathinayagam that she wants to take revenge on Saradha and Venba for all her insults.

Gomathinayagam and Deivanayagi tell to call Yazhini and provoke her against Venba so she will tell to Kavin to fire Venba. Gomathinayagam sends Yazhini’s number to Nandhini. The latter calls Yazhini, who wonders whose number is. Gowri suggests her to speak. She picks the call. Nandhini introduces herself as Venba’s sister-in-law.

Yazhini recalls Gowri telling that Nandhini instigated her against Venba. Nandhini congratulates Yazhini for her engagement and says Venba loves Kavin. Yazhini looks startled.

The episode ends.