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The episode begins with Param was playing video game in his tablet hiding under the blanket. Meher catches him red handed. He gets afraid seeing her there. Gulwant asks Ginni, Bitto about dinner. Ginni says Amrita makes dinner every day so it’s not ready yet.
Yuvi says Jagga went to jalandhar for meeting and his mother will reach home in 30minutes. Gulwant says she has three daughter in laws still she has to stay hungry and chides at his sons who was laughing at her.

Meher scolds Param and locks the tablet. Gulwant scolds Ginni for making awful food and says without Amrita they can’t one thing properly in this house. Ginni attends call and got to know that someone kidnapped Amrita. Gulwant gets angry hearing that and asks who has the guts to kidnap her daughter in law. Kidnapper asks Gulwant to bring money to get Amrita. Yuvi cries hearing that. Gulwant tells them to inform Meher about kidnap.

Jeeto calls Meher and informs her that someone kidnapped Amrita so Meher leaves the house hurriedly. Harleen consoles the crying Param. Param cries saying Meher will scold him. She says Meher won’t scold him. He says Meher locked his tablet. She gives Khushi’s iPad to him to play and tells him to not worry about Meher. Meher reaches Gulwant’s house. Gulwant was taking money to rescue Amrita. Meher says she will go to rescue Amrita and they fights over that issue.

Meher comes out wearing Gulwant’s dress with money bag. Others gets shocks seeing Meher in Gulwant’s dress. Yuvi says he will also accompany Meher. Meher tells him to trust her and says she will bring Amrita safely and tells Ginni, Jeeto to take care of Yuvi then leaves the house. They goes inside the room hearing noise and shocks seeing tied up Gulwant. Jeeto says they can’t untie her until Meher returns. Ranna,

Bitto are the ones who kidnapped Amrita and recalls how Gulwant told them to kidnap Amrita when she comes out of transport office. They hesitated first but Gulwant convinced them to kidnap Amrita. Meher comes there with money. Ranna, Bitto escapes from there realising that Gulwant didn’t came to bring Amrita. Meher wakes Amrita and asks does she remember anything. Amrita says she doesn’t remember anything and don’t know who kidnapped her. Sarab hears Meher’s voice message about Amrita’s kidnapping and calls Meher.

Meher talks to him in Gulwant’s voice and says she tied Meher because she wanted to rescue Amrita. Sarab complaints about Meher and says however she is he loves her so much. Harleen tells Param to stop playing saying he has unit test tomorrow. Param says he didn’t play in old house and pleads her to let him play.

She gets emotional hearing him and tells him to play just one round then he has to sleep. He sends her saying he will sleep after finishing one round. Sarab shocks seeing tied up Gulwant and realises that what Meher did. Gulwant asks Meher that did she saw kidnapper’s face. Meher takes Ranna’s name which shocks Gulwant.

Episode ends.

Precap – Param sleeps during his unit test.