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The episode starts with Abhimanyu recalls Asmita’s words and have drinks. Shauvik enters the house wearing a hoodie and searches wondering where he kept it because it’s important to search. Abhimanyu entered the closet. Shauvik gets worried. Abhimanyu receives a call so he stops searching and goes out. Shauvik leaves the place. Rizwan tells Anirbhan that blackmailer’s are always like this. Now once again he is threatening them.

Anirbhan says that he will pay the blackmailer the money he needs. Rizwan tells him that they can’t keep giving money to the blackmailer. He further decides to inform the police but Anirbhan reminds him police involvement will land them in trouble too so it’s better give money to the blackmailer for a final time. If he contact them again then they can go to the police. Rizwan firmly refuses to pay money to the blackmailer. Bani arrives there and learns about the threatening notes Rizwan is receiving. She firmly rejects the idea seek police help then suggests to hire a private investigator. Anirbhan thinks himself that now Rizwan realised his importance in his life so now is the right time to stop his blackmailing drama.

In the office, Maya tells now they have to select the book cover and asks Shalini’s opinion. Abhimanyu arrives there and apologises for being late. Maya mocks saying his other half is here by pointing at Asmita. Asmita refuses to acknowledge Abhimanyu’s presence. Abhimanyu rejects the designs saying it’s not the best. Asmita gets furious so accuses him for wasting everyone’s time instead of not being clear in the beginning itself which leads a huge argument between them infront of the team. Maya stops them saying they can take a day time then decide.

Abhimanyu and other’s leaves. Maya stops Asmita and tells she knows she must have had a fight with Abhimanyu and this is the reason she warned not to get into a relationship with the one they are working for as it will affect their work. Asmita tells her to not to worry saying she isn’t in a relationship with Abhimanyu anymore. Maya gets shocked but worries the book may get affected so she warns Asmita. Asmita assures nothing such will happen then leaves the place. She then returns home. Shailaja and Asmita’s grandmother suggests to go out to have food saying they can’t seek her sulking around anymore then takes her with them.

Shauvuik gives money to the Meera which she demanded. She asks Shauvik to keep giving money to keep her mouth shut then leaves. Shauvik thinks this is the last time Meera is getting money from him but not anymore. Abhimanyu looks at the gift he bought for Raman and recalls Asmita’s words. He realises how much he misses her. He then goes to his parent’s house where he learns through Neeta that Raman went outside.

Neeta gets surprised learning Abhimanyu bought gift for Raman and gets emotional. She further asks Abhimanyu to give the gift on his own as he is the one who bought it for Raman when Abhimanyu asks her to give his gift Raman. He then worries about Raman’s health learning the latter went hospital but Neeta assures him it’s a routine checkup so he don’t have to worry. Later, Abhimanyu meets Shauvik on the road. Shauvik advises Abhimanyu to take good care of Asmita. Abhimanyu leaves after taking the key which Shauvik claimed it was in the ground. Shauvik recalls how he followed Abhimanyu and took the keys imprint and smirks saying Abhimanyu has no idea what he is going to face now. Abhimanyu calls Asmita and gets upset when Asmita doesn’t answer. He decides to call her one last time. Asmita receives Abhimanyu’s call and stares at her phone.

The episode ends.

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