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Episode begins with Vikrant asking where is everyone, Ansari says everyone went. Vikrant says what about Abhay? Ansari says Abhay left this department and went to cardio. Vikrant goes and asks Deepika if she will stay for the night shift. Deepika says but now as you are done with rehab thing you will do good. Suddenly the ER patient needs treatment so they go to the ER. Abhay watches them operate and gets enraged. Deepika and Vikrant’s operation was successful. When Deepika comes out Abhay said I watched you and Vikrant inside, you played safe and I saw the partnership. Deepika asks him to go and she goes other way. Vikrant sees this.

Here, Peroz and Sia are in a bar. Ansari comes and Sia flirty watches her. Peroz asks Sia to let that exploring side go. Sia says now that I am done with Abhay, I am single so I can explore. Peroz says don’t date Ansari just because of that. Sia says are you mad, I will not do that ever, I am just giving him some taste of his medicine nothing more. Peroz says good, I thought you are thinking of. Sia says no. Peroz says let’s go then, Sia says one more bottoms up. Peroz says no but Sia says please and they do. After that Sia and Peroz are very drunk. Sia says I never thought I will break up with Abhay. Sia then gets emotional and then enraged. She says go to hell Abhay send him to hell Peroz. Everyone looks on so Peroz brings Sia down from where she is standing and they roam on the road.

Deepika and Vikrant come home and talk about old days as residents. Deepika shares her life in PG and how she enjoyed as she was saving lives and getting trained under DC. Vikrant says good that you know so much to do. Vikrant says my mom never taught me to do things on my own. Deepika says how bad can it be? Vikrant says I don’t even know how to pack.

Deepika laughs. Vikrant says all the women in my life never let me learn anything. Deepika goes to make coffee. Vikrant sees Abhay’s call on Deepika’s phone, he picks up. Abhay says Deepika I need to tell you something about Vikrant please come downstairs. Vikrant goes there and warns Abhay to stay away from Deepika.

Abhay feels angry. Then, Deepika gives coffee to Vikrant and asks him to pack his luggage on his own as she doesn’t want to become another women in his life not making him learn. They joke on it and Deepika says good learn packing. Here, Peroz and Sia talk about with whom can Abhay cheat on Sia. Peroz says even I don’t know but what if I guess it’s Shanu. Sia says eww and they joke on it.

Next day, Ansari taunts Sia and Peroz on having hangover but Sia again talks flirty with him and hr gets silence. Peroz gets shocked and thinks if it’s hangover. In the ER, Vikrant taunts Abhay on being immature and a learner. Deepika calls Vikrant and Vikrant talks on speaker to let Abhay know Deepika is calling him. Later, Vikrant tells Mr. Shetty to make Abhay’s life as resident difficult. Here, Ansari treats a simple wound of Sia and Sia shows Ansari she is ready to be on friends note with him. While Abhay feels enraged seeing Vikrant making his life at hospital difficult.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vikrant warns Abhay again in hospital. Abhay goofs up a pateint in ER and Vikrant blames him and questions on his professionalism. Abhay challenges Vikrant that he will have to go out of Deepika’s life. Vikrant holds Abhay’s collar. Deepika enters.

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Dhadkan 13th January 2022 Written Update: Sia and Ansari have an awkward moment!