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Episode begins with Abhay coming to call Deepika fast. She asks what happened. Amaira comes back to Raunak. He says I know, you are in shock, take some time. She says no, your face, I can’t see you like this, sorry, I can’t do this, you would have felt the same if this happened with me, I can’t marry you. He says no, listen. She goes. He says I love her. Peroz says physical attraction isn’t love, she doesn’t know about love’s real meaning, how will she love you. Pallavi says I won’t abort this baby. Pratik says sorry, I m not ready to take this baby’s responsibility and marry you. They argue.

Deepika says you can’t force her for abortion. Vikrant says final decision is of mum, but what about the man, he should also decide. Deepika says don’t mislead them, just go. Pratik

asks the father’s right. Vikrant says its a crime to force a woman for abortion, but they should talk and decide, Pallavi is young, a baby needs parents, you will need time and money, a single mum needs help, you should listen to Pratik, he loves you, he will take the best decision. Deepika says you have no right to tell them, we can just say facts, abortion can’t happen without a mum’s consent. Abhay asks Pallavi what does she want. She says I want to keep this baby. Pratik goes. Abhay says my Aai raised me single handedly and made me a doctor, I never felt the lack of a father, I salute them. He goes.

Peroz tells Sia about Raunak’s case. Sia thinks. Vikrant stops Deepika. Sia says inspector, Deby ignited the fire in the building. Ansari says she didn’t do it intentionally. Inspector says fire caught up by the short circuit in power room, not because of this girl. Ansari scolds Sia for cheating him. He says I did wrong to trust you. Sia says you can judge me, I can’t stay in guilt, this girl ruined many lives. Deepika says you can’t come in ladies restroom. Vikrant asks her to answer, he can step back if she asks him. She says you didn’t change, I also didn’t change, I will not take my name back, you would have taken your name back already. He says your thinking is your problem, think anything you want. He gets angry and goes.

The committee meets for the voting between Deepika and Vikrant to choose them as ER head. Jamshed and Chakravorty argue. Chakravorty praises Deepika that she has put efforts to upgrade the ER. Jamshed says she is passionate, but this reason isn’t enough.

They all give their opinions. Jamshed says they have a gender difference also. Chakravorty asks how does gender matter in this post. Jamshed says its a stressful position, the patients are fighting for their lives, they are often losing this fight. Abhay sees Pallavi sinking. He asks sister to call Deepika fast. Jamshed says delay in the treatment can make the patient lose life and hospital can lose name, its not easy for women to handle this pressure, women are emotional, they have mood swings because of monthly periods, they are different than us, they aren’t well suited for some jobs, its a simple fact of life.

Deepika cries. She gets Madhvi Tai’s call. Chakravorty says unbelievable, you are making periods an excuse to stop a woman candidate from reaching the ER head position, we are doctors, we know women handle their periods and do their responsibilities, this is disgusting. Jamshed says there will be some reason that we have no woman in this managing committee, its tough for them to do a demanding job. Chakravorty asks him to make Deepika the ER head and bring a positive change. Jamshed says I can’t take the risk, men can do this job well, men control their emotions well.

Chakravorty says you are saying women are weak. The doctors discuss. Chakravorty says Deepika will never stop the work. Jamshed asks can you give this in written. Chakravorty says I m a bachelor, no one asked me this guarantee, why is Deepika asked for this. Jamshed says this is not practical. Mahadik says we should choose the person who is the best for this post. Chakravorty says there can’t be anyone better than her for this post. Deepika checks Pallavi. Abhay asks what shall we do now.

Jamshed says Deepika is emotional, she doesn’t have the sensibility to do this work. Deepika says we have no time to take her to the procedure rom, we have to do it here. She treats Pallavi. Vikrant looks on. Madhvi Tai says its good that no life is lost today, great. Deepika says thanks, I feel good, I want to save people’s lives, that’s why I had become a surgeon. Vikrant recalls the past. He says marriage is after 6 days, you wanted to meet me. Deepika says I wanted to talk something serious. He asks her to say.

She cries. He ask what happened, have water. She says I have to become surgeon, please. He says you agreed that day, you don’t need to take this demanding job. She says yes, but I couldn’t convince my heart, you took the decision for me, I said yes because you were stubborn. He says yes, its about our marriage, we have to think what’s best for us. She asks how can you decide it alone. He says enough, I will drop you home, come. FB ends. Deepika sees Vikrant. He stops her. He says I told all that in anger, sorry. She says you told what you think, I don’t care, I have left the old Deepika behind, I accept your apology, matter ends, I have no interest in going back, so thanks and good bye. She goes.

He thinks. FB shows Deepika saying you can’t make me quiet always. Vikrant says I m not able to explain you, your dream can’t be imp than our marriage. She says our relation is most imp, but career is equally imp. He asks am I doing this for myself. She says we can discuss things, we can decide what’s right for us, family and relation, you decided it. He drops her home. He asks what do you want to say, you would have agreed to me if I discussed with you. She says maybe yes.

He asks then what’s the problem, agree now. She says it matters, you aren’t understanding this, I understood one thing, I can’t marry you. He laughs and says you are saying anything in anger. She says I can’t marry you. He asks why, what happened, you stopped loving me. She says no, I love you a lot. He says I love you, then what’s the problem. She says just love isn’t enough for marriage, its about respect, you expect me to listen to you always. She removes the ring. He says no, don’t do this. She cries and gives him the ring. She goes home. He asks her to listen. He shouts you will regret a lot, you took your life’s wrong decision in your ego, remember that. FB ends.

Deepika comes home. She does her work. Vikrant comes home. He takes the food. Tere mere darmiyaan….plays… They both lie to sleep. He gets restless. She also stays awake. She recalls the past. FB shows Deepika’s mum asking why are you crying. Deepika says I won’t marry Vikrant. Her dad asks how did he break the relation. Her mum asks what did you do to anger him. Deepika says no. He says I will talk to him. She says I have refused for marriage. They get angry on her. FB ends.

Vikrant recalls. FB shows Vikrant coming home. His family shows the jewellery for Deepika. He says this necklace will not suit Deepika, but on my wife, Deepika won’t become my wife, her ambition is more imp, she left me and marriage for her ambition, she is a fool. Suman says calm down, its her loss. He says she can’t find anyone like me. His parents get upset. Deepika’s mum asks what did you do, did you think about us. Deepika’s dad asks her to apologize to Vikrant. Deepika says he doesn’t respect my decisions. He asks her to adjust like every girl does. She says its a basic right of everyone. He scolds her.

He asks her to call Vikrant and apologize to him. He says we won’t get insulted because of you, marriage will happen, do it happily or cry. Vikrant says I have to go to Delhi, find a nice girl, she should be a doctor, family should be her priority, I don’t want to marry Deepika. Suman asks him to think well, calm down. His mum says Renu’s daughter Aditi will be right. Vikrant says she shouldn’t be ambitious like Deepika, she is okay for me. FB ends.

Vikrant gets Aditi’s call. He says I m tired, I will talk later. He drinks. FB shows Vikrant going to Deepika’s house. He says I want to talk. Her parents go out. He asks how did you get this ego, you didn’t call me, you wanted me to come here, I have come, you won, stop this drama, get ready to marry me. She asks are you drunk. He says yes, I know what you are doing, I didn’t think you will take an advantage of my love, you want to have an upper hand, I understood girls’ nature, I decided to tolerate this to spend life with you, I want you, you are just mine, I can’t let you go away from me. She pushes him. She says you are mistaken, I won’t waste time, I can’t marry you because of this thinking, I want independence to decide and dream, I want an assurance that you will support my dreams, you can’t fulfill this need. He says no one can fulfill this need, one day, this need will be lacking and become a reason for your loneliness, I will move on, my need is practical, any girl can fulfill this need, you will know this, you won’t get sleep, you won’t have any partner with you, just let it be. He leaves. She cries. Her parents worry. FB ends. Abhay takes care of Girija at home. He gets a message. He rushes. He calls Deepika and asks did you check the mail, you should have been the ER head, who is Vikrant, how can committee make him the head. She says voting is in his favor.

He says you are deserving. She says committee has 9 people, all men, men have made rules, when a woman tries to move ahead in her career, then men don’t let her progress, they change rules to hinder her. He asks what will you do now. She says Chakravorty told me, if I don’t want to report to Vikrant, then I can not join ER and continue in general surgery, it was my dream, I wanted to help the patients. He says you will still save lives. She says but not those who come in emergency. He says I know, what will you do now. She says you know dream, it doesn’t let you sleep at night, emergency medicine is my dream, Vikrant took that position, but he can’t snatch my dream from me.

Episode ends.

Vikrant says Deepika, your cold coffee. She takes a coffee for Abhay. Deepika and Vikrant argue.

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