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The episode starts with Ria telling Lucky that Amrita can’t stay here forever, she has to leave India. Ria tells Lucky to approve her thesis. Lucky says he is fake Dungar Pal, he can’t do that but only Veer can do that. Ria says if her thesis gets rejected then can she leave? Lucky says then she can maybe. Dilpreet gets the good news from Sanjot that Veer will get discharged. He tells this to Amrita and says the latter’s wound needs treatment. Amrita says she is fine. She then tries to cheer him up by buying roasted corn for him. She recalls Maan used to tell Dilpreet likes it a lot. Amrita says she knows Dilpreet’s choice. He asks but how? She diverts the topic and then he blesses her saying her parents really gave her good upbringing. She says they are nice but some people didn’t understand them. Amrita finds it hard to chew the corn by herself due to the wound. He separates the seeds for her with the use of his hand and gives her. She gets emotional while eating them.

Astha also gives corn to Maan and the latter recalls his father how he used to feed corn seeds to them. Dilpreet then asks for the video recording from Amrita to expose Kushwant. Amrita says she lied about the recording to scare Kushwant but in real she didn’t record anything. Dilpreet says she is really smart, she says she got a strong evidence against Kushwant. She gives an address to Dilpreet and also tells him that Kushwant will build alcohol factory on the land which Dilpreet wanted to use to build hospital. Dilpreet says it’s a great proof and he will not let Kushwant ruin lives of others by selling alcohol.

They both will snatch the land from Kushwant. Dilpreet shows gratitude to Amrita for coming to their lives and they did great by helping her. Maan feels a strange happiness after eating the sweet corn. Dilpreet hugs Amrita out of happiness. There Veer returns home and Sanjot makes him sit. She says he won’t go upstairs until he gets better. Ria comes and goes to room to operate Veer’s laptop. She feels sorry for him saying she didn’t want to do that but she has no choice. She types the password and before she can type the mail, Dilpreet comes back with Amrita. Sanjot worries seeing Amrita’s wound and asks her how did it happen? Dilpreet calms her down saying Amrita solved the matter and stopped the fight. Ria says noone is asking about Veer’s health. Sanjot says he is taking rest, Ria blames Amrita for Veer’s condition again and Dilpreet says why Ria is accusing Amrita for no reason. Ria leaves angrily, Dilpreet tells Sanjot how good Amrita is.

Amrita washes her face and her phone rings. Sanjot notices Maan’s photo in her phone and goes to pick it up. Amrita takes the phone away from her and Sanjot says why she saw Maan’s picture in her phone? Amrita lies and Sanjot says its her misunderstanding maybe. She is seeing Maan everywhere. Amrita then decides to change the display picture. Sanjot calls her to make arrangements for Lohri. Ria goes to Veer and says how should she call him? Professor Dungar Pal or Veer? Veer gets shocked and asks her how come she knows that? Ria says he cant hide anything from her. She says it’s an amazing thing that he approves thesis of Foreign University students. Veer says she won’t tell the truth to anybody. Ria asks not even to Amrita? Veer says she is already upset and he doesnt want to hurt her. Ria says if he is impressed by her? Then why he is not approving her thesis? He says he has a reason. Ria says Amrita is a NRI and she has to go back home. Amrita arrives and asks Veer how is he? Ria gives medicine to Veer and Amrita and she both offer water to him. Veer takes the glass from Amrita and it makes Ria jealous.

Precap- Dilpreet decides to give his property to Randeep and Veer. Sanjot says Maan also deserves his share. Amrita says Maan wants to give everything to Randeep and he is a nice human being. She questions Dilpreet’s decision of throwing Maan out.

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Dil Diyaan Gallaan 25th January 2023 Written Update: Amrita threatens Kushwant