In an astounding turn of events in Star Plus’s recent hit Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna, Pooja has withdrawn all her plans of taking vengeance from the family for whatever tragedy she had to face in the childhood. Rather than that she wished for everyone’s happiness and her mother’s soul to rest in peace wherever she is. In the recent episode though, her belief shook once again as she came face to face with her so supposed dead mother.

Right at the moment, her mother’s being alive surprises her and she has a lot to contemplate on. But there is no time for all this as she now has to cure her mother first who seems to have lost her sanity. Pooja called in an ambulance to take her mother to the hospital but suddenly the ambulance has disappeared. Now in the upcoming episode, Pooja will inform Amma that Ambulance has disappeared.

Amma will ask her to reach the hospital and inquire. Pooja will then reach the hospital to find her missing mother. The ambulance will arrive there and open the door but will not find her Mother. She will get shocked at not seeing her there.

On the other side, Chopra will get infuriated at the failure of his plan. Pooja will not be able to decipher what just happened. She will go in a trance following all the eventful things happening around. She will, later on, have an encounter with Suman in which she will get humiliated by Suman. It looks like it is going to be a war of words from Suman’s end as she is now aware of what Pooja was up to. She even has prayed with god for Pooja’s miseries. What will happen next?

Tune in for more. Keep this space abuzz for more updates as such.

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