Here is the list of few ITV shows that amazed the audiences with their unusual plot-line this year! These shows story was far from the regular drama and truly holds an amazing story. Check out the names of the show below. Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein: Sony TV show is unique becauseRead More →

As 2019 is heading towards its end take a look at ITV actors who have given heart winning performance this year! Though each year actors give best performance but 2019 will be counted in the memorable year because this year few actors; like Shaheer Sheikh, Karan V Grover, Avinesh RekhiRead More →

Indian Television shows this year gave many content-driven dramas that really represented the great story telling. Though this year Sanjivani2, Yeh Jaddu Hai Jinn Ka , Ek- Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna, Gathbandhan to Bahu Begum; shows were absolutely high on twist and turn. But amid the all- star plus shows YehRead More →

They are smart, charming and incredibly hot. Any girl will have a melt down on their one look. Such is the charisma of today’s hot hunks who are in their twenties. They are dream dominators and ruler of hearts of millions of girls across world. Let’s see a glimpse ofRead More →

In the latest episode, Pooja follows the ambulance which has her mother but a truck blocks her way. The truck driver informs Chopra about the accomplished mission. Pooja searches all around but loses the truck..She calls Amma and informs about it. She asks her to reach hospital.Chopra celebrates with RanjeetRead More →