The episode opens with a continued fight from yesterday between Dr. Ishani and Dr. Sid. Dr. Ishani argued about what is right while Dr. Sid said that he don’t want to see her face even in jail. 

Suddenly, a new patient on the entrance grab their attention. A father arrived with his daughter but she seemed to be dead. He said that she have spent three days in graveyard and is practically dead. Both doctors check her BP and other senses but nothing. Everyone said that the girl is dead. However, Dr. Sid asks Dr. Ishani to check for heart beat and she discovered her pulse rate. Dr. Sid then gave her instructions and she followed with perfection. 

Another scene, one senior doctor for whom new resident doctors are waiting first turned his mobile to Airplane mode, and pretend to talk as if he is getting a dream offer but he is rejecting. Dr. Ishani came late to attend. She didn’t get any job so she asked her senior. The senior said out loud her name with surname, i.e Arora. He also informed her that she is in another team. However, she was instructed to check archive. 

Other side, Dr. Shashank operates successfully of the boy whom Dr. Sid recommended. He was going in lift when Dr. Anjali joined him only to ask if he thinks she is not worthy to take his position. She went ahead when Dr. Shashank fell on floor because of unbearable pain at back of head. Before becoming unconscious he asks Dr. Anjali to call Dr. Juhi. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Ishani checked the patient whom she treated in the morning. The patient needs some psychiatrist treatment as she thinks she is dead after her mother’s death. Dr. Ishani asks nurses to take to the psychiatrist ward before operation. 

Dr. Ishani is checking in archives when Dr. Vardhan arrives. He interrupts Dr. Ishani and said that her surname reminds him of doctor Aroras. He asks her to look for what she is searching in a particular section and leave the room. Nonetheless, she finds a magazine with some scandal with Aroras, the doctors. She tore the cover page and got teary.

Dr. Juhi is working in flood relief camp doing surgery. She gets a call from Dr. Anjali asking her to operate Dr. Shashank. She shows her concern as Dr. Shashank have brain tumor and he is serious.  But, due to weather the call get disconnected. Dr. Anjali thinks that Dr. Juhi has disconnected her phone and she banged her mobile on wall. Dr. Shashank said only Juhi can operate him other than him.  

Dr. Ishani got interrupted by Dr. Asha who informed her that she is called in OT by her senior. Dr. Ishani ran to OT. She complains her senior doctor who was wearing operation mask about Dr. Sid’s corruption. Later, she was shocked to find out that he is her senior. 


Dr. Ishani complains about Dr. Sid to Dr. Anjali. Dr. Juhi arrives to meet Dr. Shashank but deny to operate on him due to concern. 


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