In Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2, we are seeing the drama where Suman and Shravan get clarity about their feelings for each other. They both are reminded about some flashbacks.

Sophie comes and questions Shravan on his feelings for Suman. Shravan finally confesses up. Sophie goes from there disheartened. Suman watches Shravan and Veer play and she adores the way Shravan is so good with kids.

Later on, Vikram will come with news that case hearing datea are released but he will be surprised to get such a cool reaction from Suman, Suman will be hurt seeing Shravan sad because of the case. Suman will lie to Vikram that she wanted this news in private as Beena is not in favour of this cake.

Later on, more twist is about to come with Suman planning to set everything right for Shravan and also taking back the case. Shravan will confess his feelings for Suman to his friend. Suman will confess her feelings for Shravan to Kanchan while she gives the idea to do something to know about Shravan’s feeling. Suman plans something. Which will be very interesting to watch.

Will Suman and Shravan ss successfully confess? What will Sophie do to bring the truth infront of Vikram? How will Suman take back the case? To know all these answers keep following Tellyexpress. It will keep you updated about your favourite shows.