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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 Spoiler: Shravan vs Suman

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Currently, Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 is showing the first challenge for the couple, Suman and Shravan. With both of them excelling in their professional lives and getting promoted to major, viewers are liking their romance but because of the posting drama the amount of romance is still less.

In the current track, tired Shravan and Suman will come back home. Suman will try to cheer up Shravan but he will say he is tired. Suman will be writing in her diary how she is still unable to believe about this position of her and how her dad will be proud of her. On the other hand another lover story of Kanchan and Bunty will begin, viewer will see Kanchan inviting Bunty for dinner to Tiwari’s. Next day, Devraj and Kavita will congratulate the duo. Here, Shravan’s senior will indirectly ask him to talk to Suman for granting him the desired posting. Shravan will feel stuck in between as he had heard Suman saying how she is obedient and won’t entertain unfair means to make works done via her. Shravan feels helpless and upset that he is getting dragged into all the politics.

In the upcoming episodes, an upset Shravan is frustrated and sad. He is with Bunty and tells him about Suman becoming ADC and getting praise to save that kid but he is the one who jumped in the water in the first place. Now with Shravan’s senior also making things difficult for him, it’s getting very difficult for him. Later, Shravan tells Suman that he is competing against her in badminton competition. Suman worries. What will happen next? Will Suman consider Shravan’s request? Is a big drift coming up for the couple? With this career related professional conflict between this beautiful couple, what is in store for them? Keep following this space for more.

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