Twinkle Sharma is a baby of two and half year old who was abducted, raped murdered barbarically in Aligarh six days back. Her eyes gouged out, and acid was poured all over her body as per reports. Moreover, in postmortem, her private parts and intestines found missing. Outrage on social media with a growing demand for stringent justice for the accused.

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As a media house Just ShowBiz feel responsible to make every reader aware of such barbaric acts. Celebs are voice of nation.  So, we interviewed few celebrities on this. We asked Indian contemporary dancer and television actor Kunwar Amar about this inopportune. The Dil Dosti Dance actor was angry on the whole incident. He replied, “To be very honest enough of us talking and giving quotes. It is also enough of media to take quotes. I am equally disappointedfrom the court. Its enough of delay of our court system. “

Further, when about what punishment he thinks would be justifiable to the guilty persons in this case. He replied, “Punishment should be in the same way, the way they did their crime.Their execution should be same or even worst. We have enough of talks and enough of human rights drama. Everyone hates  if someone raises a voice to protect them. I feel everyone involved should get punishment in similar manner the way they did their crime. Tit for Tat.”

Kunwar Amar performed Ye teri Galliyan along with Shantanu Maheshwari. He is also a huge cricket fan. (Please read his interview shared with link above). 

Do reflect your outcry in the comment section below. We would to love to know about your opinion on such heinous acts. For more such read, keep visiting this place. Till then, Let’s Get Buzzing!!

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