Shivin Narang is playing Rudra Roy in Beyhadh 2 premiered yesterday and manage to impress in the first episode itself. Just ShowBiz had small tete-a-tete with Shivin as Rudra, about his co-stars and more. 


Tell us something about your character. 

My character is of Rudra Roy from Roy family, richest family in Mumbai. This character is really very intense. It has lot of layers to it. 

Lot of expectations are attached due to successful season 1. Do you feel the pressure?

“Comparisons are bound to happen.”

No, I don’t feel any pressure because Beyhadh 2 is completely new show. Theme is same but story is completely different. Viewers will enjoy the flavour of Beyhadh 1 but the story line, the characters and set up is very different. Comparisons are bound to happen. For that we all are really working hard on our story, our script and our performances but not a pressure for sure.

How is working with Jennifer Winget as a co-star?

She is really hard working, very honest with her work and dedicated. We have a very good atmosphere on sets. Everyone is helping everyone and trying to give their best.

Share your styling in Beyhadh 2. 

Rudra is self independent young guy so his looks are semi-casual. Styling is mostly formals, semi casuals modern look. It’s a Mumbai based story so styling is very urban and subtle modern.

What preparations you have done to enter into skin of your character?

There are lot of preparations in terms of looks and performances. Like I was running Fensing in show which is never ever shown on TV. Then, there is ring fight. Rudra means Shiva so we have taken that into consideration. There are lot of small things which we have added to make it an entertaining and thrilling experience. 

What things you relate to your character?

“Rudra is a family man.”

Rudra is a family man. Whatever differences are there but he stick to his family. He takes care of his family and makes sure that everything stays good in his family. He takes it personally when it comes to family. I relate to him in that way. 

Who is your buddy on sets?

It’s a new set so we are taking out time but me and Jennifer get along very well. Ashish and I have a great bonding.

Which web series are on your watch list?

I am waiting for Inside Edge 2. I haven’t watched Family Man, everyone is appreciating that so want to watch that too. 

What kind of roles you wish to play on-screen?

Fortunately, I got an opportunity to play many different characters for which I am really happy. In my first show, I was a Delhi boy. In my last show Internet Wala Love I played RJ. Then in Veera I got to play different shades like a protective brother turning into a rockstar. I played for Indonesian TV as well. Now Rudra Roy, a businessman who has layers in his character. May be I am lucky or my hard work pays me, so nothing as such dream role. I live in present and happy playing Rudra for now. 

It’s a notion that Jennifer dominates the scene. Do you really think so?

I don’t think so. It’s the character Maya which is dominating and she is playing really well. In Bepanaah she was playing cute girl and not dominating at all. So, basically it’s the character which dominates. 

Message for your fans.

An actor only want appreciation from fans. Fans have always loves me for all my roles and shows. This time I am in new avatar and I just want them to wish me luck.