Today’s episode symbolizes no matter how huge evil is, good always wins. 

Episode opens with Dr. Sid scolding Dr. Asha. When she again tries to blame it on Dr. Ishani, Dr. Sid argues that whenever there is something, she always brings Dr. Ishani in between their conversation. Have she ever thought that from what phase he is going through? Dr. Asha always asks for development between them as couple, so what are her responsibilities as a wife. Dr. Asha was shocked and perplexed. 

She goes to Vardhan with list who says to ignore the fight. Their next move with be a death bed of Dr. Sid’s career. 

A child playing with balloons on stairs and he was about to fall to catch balloons when Dr. Sid and Dr. Ishani catches him. They have a hearty talk with child as mediator. After she leaves, Dr. Sid says he will take care of everything. 

Dr. Juhi meets Dr. Shashank and show him the letters which she is getting. Dr. Shashank rubbishes it and she believes him. 

Everyone is in cafeteria when Dr. Rahil fallen sick. Dr. Sid, Dr. Asha and Dr. Neil takes him to room to run tests and checks him. Dr. Ishani stays as she don’t want to come in between Dr. Sid and Dr. Asha. 

Dr. Rahil was left alone somehome with Dr. Asha. Vardhan calls her outside and instructs her to give something which makes Dr. Rahil more sick. Dr. Asha was hesitant but ready to do for her career. She came in and about to inject Dr. Rahil when Dr. Sid catches her red-handed. It was plan of Dr. Sid, Dr. Rahil and Dr. Neil. Dr. Rahil leaves the room for them to talk. 


Dr. Sid insults Dr. Asha in front of everyone and tells Dr. Juhi that she was playing with his career. Vardhan takes side of Dr. Sid. Dr. Asha in shock.