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Episode begins with Sangeet ceremony, Kaku is talking to guests and then the family gathers up they talk about how Pakhi’s family is late to their own Sangeet. Karishma says Vaishali said they will be arriving soon. Kaku says call them again. Virat’s dad tells Kaku that Shivani has brought his male friend, but you don’t react please. Kaku goes to Shivani and says you get ready in last but today you are up, who is this child are you adopting him?

Shivani says does this look like child, he is a young handsome man, lets go babe. She is about to go when Mansi also asks her to behave but Shivani goes. Ashwini thinks Shivani gave a good answer to Kaku. Here, Virat and Sunny return. Samrat asks Virat how is Pakhi. Virat says nice. Virat says only nice?, She is the best and most beautiful girl. Virat is still sad but pretends to smile. Ashwini comes and asks Sunny and Virat to change. Ashwini says we need to create more dhamaka in Sangeet too like haldi.

Virat and Sunny are in room. Virat says I want to go back to duty far from everything. Sunny says you need to control your emotions. Virat sits sadly and thinks what he can do.

Here, Sai is going on a scooty. Jagtap and gang are finding Sai. Jagtap scolds his men why they left the key in scooty only. One of them says there is very less fuel, Sai won’t go far. The petrol is not there and Sai gets worried. She prays to god and sees a truck.

She makes the scooty go a bit inside forest and makes it fall, while she runs and hops into the Truck from behind. She just leaves and Jagtap and men come and see the scooty. They start finding Sai here and there. Sai contacts Kamal. Kamal sees Jagtap’s number and is about to shout but hears Sai. Sai tells him she is in the road of Shiv mandir. Kamal asks Kale to take the care there.

Pakhi and her family arrive at the venue. Pakhi’s dad says see it’s still not late to go back on your decision. Pakhi says no I am okay with this decision. Vaishali says all our respect is in your hands as now you will be bahu of so big and reputed family.

They go out of the car. Mohit and others come to receive them. Sailesh says there was traffic due to which they got late. Pakhi takes everyone’s blessings. Then they are taken inside. Here, Virat is sitting on the bed all sad and crying. Sunny asks him how is he holding up? Virat says I am fine and cleans his face.

Ashwini comes and says come on let’s go. She then sees Virat off. She asks him what happened, Virat says I am not well. Ashwini says I know it’s because of that resort girl, don’t worry once Samrat marries, I will fix your marriage too. Virat says I will not marry. Ashwini says don’t worry everything will be fine. Ashwini then says let’s go. Virat says I won’t. Ashwini says but Samrat is waiting downstairs. Virat says why should I always take the responsibility of keeping everyone happy.

Mohit and Karishma were hearing everything on the gate of the room. Karishma says I feel Virat and Pakhi had some affair as Virat is off after we are back and there also they were looking at each other. Mohit says stop saying rubbish. Karishma goes and Mohit follows her. Samrat comes in the room and says Shiva let’s go, I want to show everyone our bro love. Virat says yes, I am coming. Ashwini and Samrat leave.

Kaku comes and sees Pakhi and her family. Kaku says you are looking beautiful but I wonder why are you guys late. Vaishali says due to traffic. Kaku says but Karishma showed me on GPS that there was no traffic. Virat says let it go Kaku, when fate can do mistakes, GPS can also be wrong and the wait for her was worth it. Kaku smiles and says okay. Pakhi gets emotional. Samrat comes and hugs Virat. Pakhi looks on their brotherhood.

The sangeet starts. Virat dances then the upper generation couple dance. After that Mohit and Karishma dance. Then Virat and Samrat dance. Virat cries and dances. Samrat brings Pakhi on dance floor, Virat goes from there. Then Samrat says although Pakhi you met Virat, let me give you his proper introduction. Samrat says he is my friend, my heart, my brother, my everything, today he is bit sad as he is unable to find his girlfriend today, he doesn’t have her number, but Virat now Mr. And Mrs. Samrat will help you. Virat looks shocked hearing Mrs. Samrat.

Samrat says Pakhi promise me you will help na. Pakhi is surprised and emotional and nods yes. Samrat says Virat plays amazing drums, today also sangeet is incomplete without his performance. Samrat asks for drums. Virat and Pakhi go back to resort where Virat played drums. They both get emotional. Virat says today I can’t. Everyone asks Virat how can he say I can’t that too today. Kaku says come on Virat play. Virat and Pakhi look at each other.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sangeet goes on, Samrat and Pakhi dance, Virat is playing his instrument. Virat is unable to see Pakhi and Samrat together. After the dance, Pakhi and Virat are alone, Pakhi asks if you want me to marry your brother then why couldn’t you see us together at Sangeet. Virat says it’s nothing like that. Pakhi says okay , look me in the eye and say this. Samrat comes to find Virat and is shocked when he comes to Virat’s room.