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Episode starts with the planning of Ram Navami celebration. Savi, Ishan and others make a plan to perform the drama of Ramayan story. Ishan is motivated to take the role of Rama but he hesitates to do so. But with the request of Savi, Ishan agrees to perform the role of Rama. But most of the students select Reeva as the cast of Sita. Though Ishan prefers Savi over Reeva, but he leaves the matter on others. Finally, Reeva is selected as the casting of Sita. Chinmay mocks Ishan since he is roaming with two girls. Chinmay also questions Savi why did she touched his bag, Savi tries to justify her action but Ishan rebukes Saavi for her interruption in their family matters.

The rehearsal of Ramayan drama gets started. Most of the students appreciate Reevafkr the casting of Sita. Saavi feels very bad. Here, Surekha misses Chinmay in the celebration of Ramnavami, Ishan promises that he will definitely bring his brother but Yashwant forbids him to make any chaos in the midst this grand celebration. After a while, Imlie and her husband arrive in Yashwant’s family to celebrate the Ramnavami night. They greet each other’s family. Saavi and Imlie both get overwhelmed to be introduced with each other. Savi shows the Bhosle institution to Imlie which amazes Imlie.

Imlie eagers to know about the personal life of Saavi and questions how she has been enjoying her married life. Saavi expresses her dream job and how Ishan always helps her to become IAS officer. She also pays her regards to Ishan. Imlie also learns that Ishan is both husband and mentor of Saavi. When Saavi wants to know about Imlie’s married life, she tells that Surya has been ignoring him for the last fee days. She has something to say to him but he is not listening anything. Saavi promises that she will help her out. Later, Saavi and Imlie call Surya tactfully aside, but again he disagrees to talk with Imlie.

Surya and Imlie both start their squabble outside of the hall. Imlie wants to talk with him for once but Surya doesn’t want. In the midst of their squabble, a part of the pandal is about to fall on Imile, Surya immediately saves the life of his wife. Imlie opens her heart to her husband and says she doesn’t hate him anymore for the kind behaviour of Surya.

The drama of Ramayan gets started. Reeva plays the role of Sita perfectly. The Swayambar Swabha’s scene is played when Ishan takes the entry as Raam. His character impresses everyone, most importantly Saavi stares at her husband and appreciates his talent. Finally, Rama breaks the bows and wins Sita. In the midst of the drama, Reeva forgets the dialogue and Savi gives the proxy. Through the dialogue, Saavi expresses her feelings also towards her husband. Saavi comes on the stage and puts the floral garland around the neck of Ishan.

Episode ends.

Precap : Saavi will be ashamed for her own mistake. She will also realise that she has fallen for Ishan.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 16th April 2024 Written Update: Savi gives advice to Surekha