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Episode begins with Choti hugging Guddan with lots of love and affection and Guddan remembers her moments with her daughter when she sees her for the first time and when she was born. Guddan says to her daughter Choti I missed my daughter so much but I am disappointed with you a lot.

 When you are minor and small that time you used to fight back with problems easily but with time you grow up to be a complete daughter, you have become so scared and timid. Choti says maybe this is because I just look like you and nothing else and I have no confidence or intelligence like you at all.

Guddan says to Choti that in life never ever says that you are not capable of doing anything. Your name has Guddan attached to it and Guddan can never accept defeat at any step of life. She says maybe it is my fault that I didn’t raise you from childhood and was away from you for a long time but now I have come then I will not let anything happen to you anymore.

 I am so happy to see Durga raise you up in a proper way. She says to her actually I was like you, I also lost my mother at a very early age but then when I got your father Mr. Jindal in my life, he taught me many things and especially how to fight back in every situation. She says no matter who is standing in front of you as a criminal be it your own people or a stranger, one should always get punishment for their wrongdoings.

 I can understand that Pushpa is your mother-in-law and she is the mother of Agastya but she was wrong, what she did with you was no less than a sin hence it is very important to make one realise when they are wrong and punish them. When we don’t stop someone for their first wrong then it converts into a habit for them. I will noy let you make what mistake I did at that time.

 Guddan recalls how she believed Ganga time and again even after she was wrong and due to that she has to pay a price by being away from her own daughter. She says I don’t want you to repeat the same mistake. Guddan says to her daughter from now on I will be your Krishna and you will be my Arjun.

Later Choti arranges food for lunch but Guddan takes her place as Choti Guddan and Sona come to the table for food. She gets excited to see the food on the table but when she opens a bowl it is red gravy like blood and she gets scared to see that. She shouts and asks help from Pushpa and others while Guddan behaves normally like nothing happened and says it is fruit juice and nothing else.

She made everyone believe that no matter what she forgot everything that happened with her and ate food with them and she dropped some dal on Pushpa purposefully. Later, Pushpa gets locked in her room when she witnesses another Guddan is inside her room when her daughter-in-law is sitting at the table and she gets scared while Choti thinks she will do whatever her mother will instruct her to expose these people infront of Agastya.