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Star Plus popular show Imlie will witness a turning point in the story soon. As per latest promo, Imlie will soon welcome her first child but unfortunately Aryan will be informed by the doctor that he can’t become a father. He will be in shock. Will this news separate Aryan and Imlie forever? Will Aryan doubt Imlie? How will Imlie raise her kid? that will be exciting to watch.

Previously it was shown that Imlie got restless while looking for blood donor. She broke down to tears and forcibly entered blood bank’s room. She didn’t find same group blood as peon hid it from her. Nila provoked Narmada against Imlie saying she is responsible for Aryan’s condition. Aryan will never live a peaceful life if Imlie stays with him. Narmada got influenced. Imlie entered the ICU and asked Aryan to get up. He held her hand. Narmada did not like that Imlie is not letting Aryan take rest. Later Imlie left with Madhav to pick the blood donor up from his location. They got stuck in traffic. She requested the public to let her pass.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen Imlie will clear the traffic by threatening to damage the cars. Jyoti will cunningly bring the blood for Aryan and will give the doctor before Imlie could reach. Imlie will thank her but Narmada will slap Imlie in anger. Narmada will lash out at Imlie for putting Aryan’s life in danger. She will blame her for breaking her first marriage and will accuse her of separating Aparna from her son. Imlie will be shocked to hear all of that. Narmada will tell Imlie to not get close to Aryan as she doesn’t want to lose her son because of Imlie. She will regret for choosing Imlie as Aryan’s life partner. Later Imlie will leave the hospital devastated. Aryan will get stunned seeing Narmada’s sudden change of attitude towards Imlie. He will say that Imlie was just doing her job and they didn’t know an assassin will shoot him. But Narmada will tell him that Imlie can leave him like Aditya one day.

Later Aryan will meet Imlie and the latter will say that she is not right for him. Aryan will talk about making her life colorful so that her past never haunts her. She will ask him why he is doing so much for her. He will ask her why she is silent hearing all the accusations.

Will Imlie realise she loves Aryan?

Will Narmada realise her mistake?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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