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The episode starts with Anu is knitting sweater for her baby. Mallika gets surprise to see her knitting there. She questions her Is she know to do this all? She informs to Mallika that Sudha teaches her how to do it. Just then Sundari comes there to meet Anu. She enquired her about her health and informs her what’s going on in office. Sundari adds that Subbu and Viji are scared to talk with her after seeing her attitude in office. Anu asks her why did she scaring them? Sundari complaints that they don’t need to scared of her when they didn’t done any mistake. She asks to Anu what’s she doing? Anu tells her its sweater for her baby. She asks her what will she give to her baby? Sundari says that whatever she has with her belongs to Anu. She can take everything from her.

Mallika gets shock to hear it. Anu says that she will be a future collector so she won’t dare to look at her after that. Sundari deniee it. She demands Sundari to promise her. Sundari promises to her that she will give anything to her without hesitating. Mallika shocks to see it. Later Karthick checks the bills and says its 7.50 lakhs he only asked Subbu to withdraw 4 lakhs. Subbu fears to get caught and tell him he still has the bill of his Dubai and Kodaikanal trip so stop suspecting him. Karthick pretends like nice to him and says that he is not suspicious on him. Karthick demands him to pay 20 thousand for car mechanic and take car back to office. Subbu asks him about money. He demands him to do finance.

Later Murugan and Lakshmi are waiting to get Amman’s permission to start the Pooja. Murugan asks Swamyaadi to give a good answer to them. Youngsters teases th swamyaadi but one of his friend alert him its danger playing in god matter. He asks him to wait till god give words to them. While Swamyaadi doing the pooja flower falls down from goddess statue giving good sign to them. Everyone get happy to see the permission of goddess. Swamyaadi starts the Pooja there. Karuppu possessed his body and starts dancing there. Village peoples requests him to give permission to perform the Thiruvizha this year. Murugan says that last year Thiruvizha got stopped for unexpected reasons this year it’s shouldn’t be continued.

Karuppu says that he won’t give permission to perform this. Lakshmi adds that many died and farming is not good here, it’s not raining here too. She pleads Karuppu to give permission. Karuppu denies it reasoning they are not doing proper Pooja to him. Murugan assures to him that they will perform this pooja at any cost just give any solution to this problems. Karuppu says in anger there is no solution to it. Murugan assures to him that village people are promising to him that Thiruvizha will take place without any problems. Karuppu demands him to give assurance to him. Murugan says that he is ready to sacrifice his live for it. Karuppu says that he will definitely ask his life and also one of his family members life too. Will he perform this function without any problems after this much happened? Murugan gets shock to hear one person will die from his family.

Episode end