Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th July 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vansh telling a girl that it’s not her mistake that she betrayed him but it’s his mistake as he gave her that chance. He says that whenever Vansh Rai Singhania enters in someone’s life, he changes the course of his/her life. They are standing on a lighthouse and he suddenly pushes the girl down. She screams.

The story takes a flashback of six hours ago. Ridhima is shown telling her friend that only chattering has no meaning in life otherwise everything that happens has a reason behind it, even though sometimes we don’t see that reason. She says that this is what they call destiny. Her friend Sejal replies that destiny is something for upper-class people, not for them, otherwise why their parents would have left them in orphanage. Ridhima replies that there must be a reason for sure and it’s confirmed that if God closes a door then he opens another one. She happily says that today she is a successful physiotherapist while Sejal is a big party planner so they shall not wish for anything else.

They go in their room and Ridhima shows a ring to Sejal. The latter says that it’s beautiful. Ridhima says that she could never understand the meaning of love yet Kabir taught her the meaning of love. She explains what love is for her to Sejal. She says that she wants to propose Kabir. She is excited. Sejal says that she is beautiful and smart so she could have set a rich man but she chose a PT teacher. Ridhima says that the security and love that Kabir gives her are more important than money. She describes how good Kabir is the guy she always wanted.  She wants to start a non-complicated life with him.

On the other hand, Kabir is on a speedboat. He gets off it and tells to a man that there are two more important things in his life that life itself and they are Ridhima and his country. The man says that he knows that he can’t disclose to Ridhima that he is a secret agent but why he chose a simple PT teacher to cover his identity. He suggests to tell the truth to Ridhima after catching Vansh. Kabir declares that Vansh is the mission of his life. His men communicate him that they are ready.

Kabir goes on some boats and beats some men who comes on his way. He points a gun on a guy. His friend opens a sack and finds gold in it. Kabir warns the guy that he should be ready to become the witness and say that this stuff is Vansh’s if he wants to stay alive but the guy kills himself with poison saying that if he becomes witness then Vansh won’t let him live.

Manwhile, Vansh’s informer tell him about the raid and that the inspector knew his name. Vansh says that Kabir thinks he will win but he doesn’t know that Vansh never loses. He is driving a car and at the same time Ridhima walks on the road. He applies sudden brakes before hitting Ridhima. The latter covers her face screaming. Vansh leaves. His informed asks him if he is okay. Vansh replies that a girl wanted to die but she got saved. Ridhima wonders who he was.

Later she reaches a park. Kabir comes there and Ridhima smiles seeing him. She goes to Kabir who asks where they shall go. Ridhima notices that he is injured and gets worried. Vansh calms her down saying that he just got hurt during a volleyball match.

Ridhima kneels down. Kabir asks what she is doing. Ridhima proposes him telling him that she has never loved anyone except him and she wants to spend her life with him. Title track plays. Ridhima shows the ring to Kabir who smiles emotionally. Ridhima asks Kabir if he will marry her. A kid tells Kabir to say yes otherwise he will marry her. Kabir laughs and kneels down holding her hands and kissing them. Ridhima says that she can do anything for him and she loves him. Kabir replies that he loves her too and he is so lucky to have her. Before he says anything else, he gets a call and then a message telling him that Vansh will be smuggling diamonds in tonight’s party.

Ridhima gets confused and asks him what happened. Kabir tells her that he will answer all her questions tonight after finishing an urgent work. Ridhima asks what if she die in the meantime. Kabir says that nothing will happen to her. Ridhima says that they will meet on the same place, same time where they often meet. Kabir promises her that they will meet for sure and assures her that he won’t break the promise. He walks away.

Ridhima gets a call from Sejal who tells her that she accepted to organize two parties for the same day and now she doesn’t know what to do. She asks her to go to Vansh’s beach party. Ridhima refuses saying that she has to meet Kabir tonight. Sejal asks her to go to meet Kabir after the party. She insists so Ridhima agrees.

Vansh is shown standing on his yacht. Ridhima gives orders to decorators. Vansh comes on the beach and says that the party is very special and he hoeps to crack the deal with Chang so nothing shall go wrong. He walks and stops behind Ridhima. He asks what the hell is this. Ridhima suddenly turns around dropping a candle that lights on a fire between her and Vansh. Ridhima and Vansh look at each other. Title track plays.

Vansh says that he hates disorganized people. Ridhima asks her to point out what’s disorganized here. Vansh replies every flower which isn’t white seems disorganized because only white colour has grace. Ridhima replies that white gives grace to other colours but other colours give life to white and she likes flowers like this only. She adds that the only thing she doesn’t like there is his tone and he shall change it. Vansh says that it’s her problem. Ridhima tells him the same: if he doesn’t like the decoration then it’s his problem since everybody else, including the party owner, likes the decoration. She asks him who he is to give advices. Vansh leaves. Ridhima sees a billboard and realizes that he was Vansh Raisinghania, the party owner.

In the evening, agent Neha attends Vansh’s party undercover as a dancer following Kabir’s instructions. Kabir had told her that Vansh will be sealing a deal with Chang and asked her to come out of the party and inform him in case any emergency happens. She is dancing and clicking pictures through her locket. Vansh looks at Ridhima who is in the party as well. Neha goes closer to Vansh.

Kabir had explained Neha that Chang is international mafia who smuggles everything except human being and they have to get to know what the deal between him and Vansh is.

Vanshleaves to meet Chang in a closed cabana. He opens a guitar case which is empty. Chang asks where his consignment is. Neha spies them and clicks pictures. Vansh removes the inner lining of the guitar case and shows diamonds. Vansh glares at Ridhima hearing her voice. Neha says that they got the proves they needs.

Chang leaves. Ridhima breaks a vase. Vansh glares at her and asks for the keys of the car to his man. He leaves. A waiter tells Ridhima that Vansh has called her outside and asks her to go quickly since he is very angry. Ridhima is scared thinking that he might have come to know that she broke the vase.

Ridhima goes outside. A girl with orange dupatta is shown walking the stairs of the lighthouse. Vansh says that lies are very beautiful that’s why they don’t prick to the eye but they do prick to the heart. She says that it’s not her mistake that she betrayed him but it’s his mistake as he gave her that chance. It’s Neha whom Vansh is talking with.

In a flashback Ridhima is shown removing her dupatta before going outside since she feels hot. A man whispers something to Neha who nods. She finds Ridhima’s dupatta and decides to wear it to cover her locket. On the other hand, Ridhima meets a man who scolds her for breaking such an expensive vase. Ridhima sees Kabir nears some rocks. She says to the man that she will compensate the damage and goes to Kabir.

Vansh tells Neha that her swagger revealed him that she is a cop and not a dancer. He also knew that Neha is clicking photos with her locket for definite proof. He snatches the locket from her neck.

Ridhima goes to Kabir who asks her what she is doing there. She tells him that she is replacing Sejal in the party. She asks him what he is doing there. Kabir asks her to leave right now. Ridhima says that she won’t leave until he doesn’t tell him what’s going on. Kabir yells at her asking her to leave without questions. He apologizes for yelling and requests her to understand. He promises her to meet her on their special place to accept the proposal. He asks her to leave. Ridhima nods and leaves. Kabir’s man, Ingle, informs him that they have lost contact with Neha.

On the other hand, Vansh says that he doesn’t forgive any betrayal, no matter how beautiful it is. He says that whenever Vansh Rai Singhania enters in someone’s life, he changes the course of his/her life. Neha shuts her eyes as a tear skips on her cheek. Vansh pushes her and she falls from the lighthouse shouting. Her dupatta flies away. Kabir hears the screams and rushes to her.

Kabir reaches Neha and asks her to keep her eyes open. Neha says that she has lost, now it’s over. She hopes he arrests Vansh and that someone comes to cut Vansh’s wings. Ridhima is shown accidentally making Vansh’s billboard fall. Neha dies. Kabir cries and shouts Vansh’s name. He apologizes for not being able to save Neha. He wonders who will help them nab Vansh. Ridhima looks at Vansh’s picture on the billboard with wide opened eyes.

Episode ends