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Today’s episode starts with Kabir, Angre, Aryan decorating Christmas tree. They receive a Christmas tune together from Vansh. Ishani thinks why Vansh has forwarded Christmas tune to all of them together. Riddhima hears the Christmas tune and thinks Vihaan has plans to avenge her. She stands scared. Vansh come and Ishani asks him about the tune. Vansh says he has planned Christmas surprise for them. Ishani says to Vansh that his surprises are always unique. Vansh holds Riddhima’s hand and reveals that he has arrange Christmas gifts and dinner for them. Ishani and Aryan gets excited. Aryan says he will bring gifts. Vansh asks him not to as he has already arranged gifts for all. Riddhima thinks Vihaan will harm her. She thinks her morning nightmare is going to come true. Kabir comes to Riddhima and asks why her husband is giving so much surprises. RIdhdima asks how he knows about her date. Kabir says he is cop.

Ahead, Kabir on call kick bin. Garbage spread. He on call asks someone to wait for the right time. Kabir says every execution requires right time.

Kabir finds bullet patch in the garbage. He thinks such patches are used in Bollywood. He thinks someone is playing the game behind his back. Kabir thinks to find the clue. There, Riddhima spy upon Vihaan. She finds him making something. Vansh is shown making bomb. Riddhima zoom lens of her mobile camera and checks the laptop. She stands stunned learning Vihaan is making bomb. Riddhima hides and Vansh leaves the room along with Christmas dolls. Riddhima thinks either Vihaan wants to harm her or wants to destroy the house. Later, Singhania’s gather for Christmas celebration. Riddhima recalls Vansh’s word where he mentioned, all will smile but her eyes will be filled with tears. She sees the doll and gets scared.

Riddhima thinks Vihaan wants to harm her family. Vansh says to Riddhima that she is special for him. He says 8 gifts 8 blast. Vansh says to Riddhima that a gift will blow her mind. He was about to give gift to Daadi but Riddhima catches the doll. She keeps the doll in the box and says she will give the gift in the party. Riddhima goes to the room and destroys to doll to find the bomb. Vansh comes from behind and asks Riddhima, she is not able to find the bomb in small doll than how she will handle big blast. Riddhima thinks she will not let Vihaan harm her family.

Afterwards, someone keeps footwear in Riddhima’s room that has wire. Riddhima gets ready for the party. He dress zip open. She struggles to lock it. Vansh comes and tires to help her. Riddhima refuses to take Vihaan’s help. Vansh asks Riddhima to learn taking help from others sometimes. Riddhima recalls her moment with Vansh. Riddhima says to Vihaan that he is over confident. Vansh says let’s see who will win at the last. He asks her to get ready for the party fast.

In the flashback it is shown, someone spikes Riddhima’s footwear. Back to reality, Riddhima is seen wearing that pair of footwear. Ahead, Riddhima refuses to play the balloon game. Daadi says to Riddhima that she will enjoy. Vansh asks Riddhima what is the problem to play the game as game is simple. He explains the couple have to keep the balloon in between them and should make sure that he doesn’t fall to prove the love. Daadi insists Riddhima to play the Balloon. Riddhima, Vansh, Ishani and Angre start the game. Riddhima thinks about bomb. The balloon slip. Vansh asks Riddhima if she wants to prove her love for Vansh was not strong. Riddhiam decides to ignore Vihaan. She was about to fall and Vansh catch her. Vansh asks Riddhima to remove the footwear. Riddhima refuses to listen him. Vansh and Riddhima win the game Episode ends with Riddhima hearing Vihaan asking to go his work on time. She stands suspicious towards Vihaan.