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The episode starts with Jordan noticing Ilahi is missing there. Ilahi is keeping a close watch on Jordan and Ilahi. The servant gives a letter to Jahan. Jordan came behind him. Ilahi signals to Tina. Tina takes them from there. Jahan notices the envelope is empty. Ilahi says that she sent it to him. She is planning to trap Jordan and Seerat. Ilahi asks him to act like he has got the evidence in his hand. They will definitely try something to take the envelope from his hand. She asks him to give her one more chance. Seerat asks Jordan to do something. She pretends to faint there. Jordan asks them to give water to her. Dolly says that she keeps fasting. Jordan says that Jahan isn’t considering her as his wife. He asks her to drink the water. Jahan asks her to drink it. Seerat denies it. Ilahi thinks why didn’t they try to get that envelope? Jordan says to Ilahi that he is aware it’s her trick. She can’t collect evidence against him.

Jahan takes Ilahi from there. He asks her what she is doing? He asks her to leave. Ilahi says that she still has a day left to prove her innocence. She agrees that she asked him to marry Seerat. She sacrificed their happiness for others. She won’t do it anymore. She says to him that she gave him a chance when he asked her. She agrees to act like his fake wife when Dolly falls sick. Dolly and Jahan hate her but he isn’t giving her a chance to prove her innocence. Jahan says that he hates her. She says that she still has time to prove her innocence.

Jahan admires Ilahi. Tina asks her to hide her face or else someone will mistake her as a moon and break the fasting. She looks like a newly wedded bride. Mahi asks her to stop blabbering. The relatives say that both Seerat and Ilahi keep the fasting. They wear the same color saree. She listened to the story. Meanwhile, Seerat asks Ilahi what she is doing here? She is Jahan’s wife and she keeps fasting for him. She doesn’t understand that Jahan hates her a lot. Ilahi says that she doesn’t know anything about Jahan better than her. She says that Jahan will break her fasting. Ilahi denies it. She says to Seerat that she tried to remove her from Jahan’s life but it didn’t happen. She gave her hand to Jahan but she missed that opportunity. She tried to kill her. Dolly says that let her say anything. Jahan is going to break her fasting today.

Ilahi says that it’s a war between lies and the truth. Matha Rani’s blessing is with her. She will help her today. Truth will win today. Jahan will definitely break her fasting today. Meanwhile, Jahan notices that his call is recorded. Ilahi says that she asked Tina to do it. Jahan gets angry at her. Both fell on the bed. Jordan notices them close together. He thinks that Ilahi escaped but he has to kill Jahan or else they will unite again. Ilahi tries to talk with Jahan but Seerat takes him from there. The moon appears there. Seerat is doing the rituals there. Ilahi does the rituals from behind. Seerat notices the light post going to fall on him. She steps back to see it. Ilahi risks her life to save him. Jahan pushes the thaali from Seerat’s hand mistakenly. Jahan rushes to help Ilahi. She finishes her rituals and faints. Jahan carries her in his hand and leaves from there.

Jahan makes Ilahi drink water and breaks her fast. The relatives say that Ilahi proved that she is Jahan’s true love. Seerat is a name sake. She was busy protecting herself. Ilahi risked her life to save him. Jahan and Ilahi hugged each other.
Jahan expressed his love for Ilahi while crying. He backs off from her. Ilahi says that god is with her. That is why he breaks her fasting. Ilahi promises to prove her innocence in 2 days.

Episode end

Ilahi overheard Seerat and Jordan’s conversation

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