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The episode starts with the security informing Vishwa about Vennila’s relative creating a scene in the college and demanding to meet him. Vishwa agrees to come. The security informs the same to Madhavan. Maran sees this and goes back to his friends. Maran informs that 5he security called to someone, but he doesn’t know to whom. They think Madhavan may have called police. Vennila denies and says that he must informed to the college management and worries for Surya as he gave them permission to stay back in the college. Vennila cries.

In Surya’s house, Vishwa goes to Surya and tells that everytime he goes against them, they land in trouble. Mahadevan asks what happened. Vishwa says that he told Surya to not permit Vennila to stay back in the college, but he didn’t listen and now there’s some dispute take place there. Surya asks what happened there. Vishwa says that he doesn’t know, but Vennila’s relative is creating problem and threatens to call the police. Abhi and Anandhi gets happy hearing this. Abhi asks Surya if he will not scold Vennila for her mistake. Mahadevan tells Abhi to not come to any conclusion with knowing the complete the truth. Vishwa and Mahadevan decide decide to go to the college. Surya wants to accompany them as they’re his students and he gave them permission.

In the college, Tamizh apologizes to Vennila for beating Madhavan. He says that he can’t tolerate Madhavan badmouthing her. Vennila says that he onlyfulfilled a friend’s duty. Soumya agrees with Vennila and apologizes to Vennila’s friend for Madhavan’s misconduct towards them. Vennila worries who will come and what’s going to happen.

Surya, Madhavan and Vishwa reach the college. Vennila and her friends notice them. Vishwa asks what is all this. Madhavan calls the students as goons. Mahadevan doesn’t find Madhavan genuine and tells Surya that he’s creating scene intentionally. Madhavan argues with Surya and Mahadevan. He asks why they allowed to stay them to stay in the college. Surya says that they are studying. Madhavan says that they are playing touching each others instead of studying. Surya tells that Vennila is mature enough to recognize a bad touch and asks Vennila about the same. Vennila says that they were casually talking, but Madhavan misunderstood them. Madhavan says there should be some limits in friendship. Surya tells Madhavan to not degrade a good friendship. Vishwa says that Surya shouldn’t have allowed the students to stay in the college. Akash says that they haven’t done anything wrong. Madhavan tells that if he hadn’t come, they would have done wrongdoings. He further says that the students beat him. Maran clarifies that Madhavan started the fight first. Surya asks Mahadavan why he beat his students..

Madhavan argues and asks who gave them the permission to stay back in the college. Surya says that he has given them the permission. Madhavan starts badmouthing Surya. Vennila warns him to not speak one more word against Surya. Vishwa stops her and blames her. Soumya intervenes and says that Vennila isn’t at fault. She doesn’t know anything. Vishwa says that every week there’s some problem because of Vennila, so they can’t leave this matter like this. Mahadevan treathens to write about this in social media. Vishwa says that it’s not needed and adds that they will enquire about this and will give punishment. Soumiya requests them to not punish Vennila. Mahadevan tells that they will talk about this the next day and tells all of them to go back to their house. Mahadevan tells Vennila to come with him, but Vennila refuses. Surya tells Madhavan to leave. Mahadevan threatens to call the police. Madhavan angrily leaves.

Madhavan argues with Soumiya and rides off leaving her there. Surya, Mahadevan and Vishwa reach home. Abhi and Anandhi ask what happened. Vishwa blame Vennila for all the problems. Surya says that they can’t accuse anyone without knowing what happened there. Vishwa argues with Surya.

The episode ends.

Precap: Vennila is scared to go back to her hostel room.