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The last it was seen that unaware that Anubhav is madhav Gungun along with Armaan reached the wedding venue to attend Bina and Madhav’s wedding. Anubhav stumbled and fell in the mud. He fainted getting his head hit to a stone. Radha and Bina got worried when Madhav didn’t show up.

The locality head’s men found him unconscious and brought him to the wedding mandap. Gungun failed to recognize Anubhav immediately as his face was muddy. Gungun gets shocked seeing Anubhav when Anbhav’s face was washed off. Gungun got emotional realizing that Anubhav was alive.

Anubhav noticed Gungun and he recognized her. They shared an emotional hug. The men dragged Anubhav away. Armaan intervened and told that Madhav is Anubhav, a famous scientist. But Anubhav didn’t recognize Armaan as he didn’t remember anything including his own identity.

He only remembered Gungun. The latter told Radha that Anubhav was her husband. However the head got adamant to get Anubhav married to Bina by force. Bina took a stand for Gungun and Anubhav and refused to marry Anubhav.

Bina questioned the importance given to the marriage in a girl’s life and asked to keep her at home considering her as a son when Radha lamented about Bina’s wedding annulation.

Armaan praised Bina for bravely expressing her point of view in front of all. Gungun praised her courage to change society’s thought. Radha decided to get Anubhav and Gungun married. Gungun feels reluctant looking at Bina. But the locality head assured to find a prospective groom for Bina.

Anubhav apologized to Bina. The latter said that she was happy with his happiness. Other hand at the Kulshreshths Akriti phoned Charudatt and refused money and demanded to give her a share in the property.

Charudatt refused and scolded Ankrit. Just then Golu received Armaan’s call. The latter asked to put the phone on the speaker and told that Anubhav is alive shocking all. Charudatt didn’t disconnect the call, so Akriti also heard this.

Anubhav didn’t want to go back to his family as they would separate him from Gungun once again. But Gungun didn’t want to separate Anubhav from his family and keep them away from the truth that Anubhav is alive. Radha took Anubhav to the temple before the wedding rituals begin.

Just then Kulshreshths arrived there and misunderstood that Gungun was marrying Armaan and lied to them to make them attend her wedding. They started to rebuke Gungun. Armaan stopped them and revealed all the truth to them. Just then Anubhav showed up.

Kulshreshths got emotional and overjoyed seeing him alive. Kulshreshths understood Gungun goodness and apologized to her for misunderstanding her. They decided to get Gungun and Anubhav married. Gungun felt reluctant thinking about Akriti. Charudatt told about Akriti demanding a share in their property.

Akriti stopped Gungun and Anubhav’s wedding stating that Anubhav was already married to her. She tried to manipulate Anubhav against his family and Gungun. She accused Gungun of trying to kill him. She claimed of saving him with her prayers. She reminded that Gungun humiliated his family in the pre wedding party.

Gungun revealed that it was a conspiracy of Akriti and her mom. She read her mom’s chat in which she asked Gungun to be careful with Akriti and mentioned about Akriti’s plotting to insult Kulshreshths at the pre wedding party. Anubhav got furious learning the truth and lashed out at Akriti.

Akriti threatened to claim a share in the Kulshreshths’ house if Anubhav would marry Gungun. Armaan clarified that Akriti couldn’t get the share in the property as only Court could decide it. He threatened to expose Akriti’s truth on the media.

Akriti started her drama and acted of regretting her act. She tried to attack Gungun when Anubhav and Kulshreshths didn’t budge. Bina and Prakash threatened Akriti to get arrested if she would harm Gungun.

Anubhav married Gungun with his family’s blessings. Shankar got furious learning that Anubhav married Gungun without divorcing Akriti. He phoned Garima and argued with her over the same. He threatened to file a court case against Anubhav and Gungun.

Garima threatened to complaint against him if he did so. Shankar got scared and advised Akriti to forget Anubhav. He confessed that Garima left him because of his affair with his sister-in-law after his brother’s death.

He felt guilty of his misdeeds towards Garima. He advised Akriti to learn lesson from his mistakes and apologize to Garima, Anubhav and his family.

Kulshreshths welcomed Anubhav and Gungun home. Gungun shared with the Kulshreshths how Armaan saved her from Ranvijay, motivated her to move on in her life and offered her a job due to which she was able to meet Anubhav in the fishermen locality.

Golu felt guilty of doubting Gungun and apologized to her. Charudatt also apologized to Gungun for misunderstanding and insulting her. Gungun said that he is like her father so, he shouldn’t apologize to her. Meanwhile a heartbroken Armaan was crying remembering Gungun.

Just then Gungun came. She asked if he was crying. Armaan denied. Gungun asked what he wanted to tell. Armaan says that no use of saying this now as he lost it. He says that he promoted Gungun as an associate editor. Gungun worried if she could to handle such a big responsibility.

Armaan believed that Gungun is capable. Gungun invited Armaan to Anubhav’s come back party. Later Gungun told Anubhav how much she missed him. Anubhav promised her to be always with her.

In the upcoming week it will be shown that Anubhav will get the cake in the party organized by the Kulshreshths. Charudatt will ask the guest to bless Anubhav and Gungun to be always happy and together. Akriti will come to the party and will apologize to the Kulshreshths for her misdeeds. Sargam will refuse to forgive Akriti.

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