Anupam asks Anurag to work hard to earn money more than Bajaj. Anurag leaves determined.
Here, Mr. Bajaj comes in home with a new toy for his daughter, Cookie. He calls his daughter excitedly. Cookie doesn’t reply. He asks Masi who tells her that she was playing with Prerna. Prerna comes in but doesn’t have an answer to where Cookie really is. Mohini hears this and taunts him that he did his biggest mistake by giving the responsibility of his daughter to her like she once did.
Bajaj berates Prerna for being so irresponsible with Cookie. He reminds her that he only brought her to his home to take care of Cookie and she can’t even do that. Nivedita hears this and wonders what Mr.Bajaj meant.
Meanwhile, it is revealed that it was Masi and Tanvi who planned this whole saga. They tricked Cookie into hiding in the storeroom and then Tanvi scared her by fiddling with the lights. Cookie is scared of dark and falls frightened and gets knocked unconscious. Masi wanted Tanvi to get married to Bajaj but Tanvi never listened to her properly and now Bajaj married Prerna. But she knows he onky brought Prerna as a glorified Nanny and Tanvi still stands a chance to become the owner of everything if they can prove Prerna is harmful for Cookie.
Finally, Cookie is found in the storeroom. He asks his masi to call the doctor and tells Prerna to do nothing. When Cookie regains conciousness Bajaj hugs her tightly. Prerna thinks about how the worst person in his life is world’s best father. Cookie extends her arms for Prerna but Prerna hesitates because of Bajaj. Bajaj leaves. Prerna asks Cookie why did she hide in the storeroom. Cookie sign tell her that the door got shut on its own and the lights went off. Prerna is shocked and wonders how that happened. Masi and Tanvi hear Cookie telling that to Prerna. They get nervous and Tamvi enters the room cutting the conversation to show Cookie fake concern. Masi also tells Prerna that she would ask Bajaj to behave with her properly which she does later.
In the upcoming episode, a concerned Anurag rushes to meet Prerna, however she pushes him away. Later, he gets into another heated argument with Mr.Bajaj.

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