In the latest episode, Pooja follows the ambulance which has her mother but a truck blocks her way. The truck driver informs Chopra about the accomplished mission. Pooja searches all around but loses the truck..She calls Amma and informs about it. She asks her to reach hospital.
Chopra celebrates with Ranjeet and says he will do something which will turn Pooja and Kabir into enemies.
Pooja reaches the hospital and asks the watchman about a female patient who must have reached there in an ambulance. The watchman replies in negative. Amma reaches moments later. Just then an ambulance comes which has no one. Pooja asks and they reply that they had gone to deliver a deadbody
Goons shift Pooja’s mother from another ambulance.
Pooja calls inspector and informs about her missing mother. Inspector asks driver to give him his mobile. Laer, Inspector gets a call that the ambulance has been found. They reach the place and the nurse tells them that on their way someone knocked them out of their senses and took their ambulance away. Pooja panics.
Here, Chopra gets a call that his plan failed and someone else took Pooja’s mother. He yells that he wants Pooja’s wealth before she donates it to the orphanage.
Pooja returns home and is worried. She cries when she receives a phone call from Kabir who tells her that her mother is with him. Pooja pleads Kabir to return her mother safely to her and for that she is ready to give anything he wants.
In a flashback we see, Kabir kidnapping Pooja’s mother with Sonali’s help.
Pooja reaches Kabir’s home and ask him to return her mother. Suman yells at her and says her mother is already dead. Pooja informs that her mother is alive. Suman asks Kabir why is he becoming like Dhruv and where is Pooja’s mother. Kabir takes Suman to Pooja’s mother. Suman says she will inform Pooja right away but Kabir stops her. He wants revenge for the trouble she has caused her family.
In the upcoming episode, a helpless Pooja agrees to marry Kabir leaving everyone shell shocked. Later, the Mittals make a smashing entry at the Ashok Mansion.
Looks like we are in for a lot of drama. To read more such updates keep an eye here. Till then, lets keep bizzzinnn’!!!!