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Episode begins with Aryaman brings Krishna to his house. Dadi hugs Krishna. Anshuman hugs Aryaman. Krishna says that she is hungry and she want food. Everyone gets shocked hearing this. Krishna goes to the kitchen and eats food. Aryaman asks her that what is she doing and whether she is fine. Krishna asks them that why they are staring her. She says that that’s not Mohan’s dead body. And says that her heart is connected with Mohan so if she is alive then her Mohan is alive too. She adds that she reached the hospital late so Mohan is taking revenge on her.

Everyone feels bad for Krishna. Krishna tells Aryaman that she will scold Mohan when Mohan return. They hears ambulance siren sound. Anshuman says that seems like Mohan’s dead body has been arrived. Krishna asks Aryaman that did not he tell police inspector that that’s not Mohan’s dead body. She tells him to return the ambulance. Aryaman tells her that he can’t do that. She tells him that she will do that and leaves from there. Rajshri says that Krishna is in shock and Krishna could not accept Mohan is dead.

After some time, Priest asks Aryaman to call Krishna. Krishna comes downstairs. She recalls the moments she spent with Mohan and she sings luka chupi song. Aryaman stops him and asks her to accept the reality. He says that he understands Krishna’s pain but she has to accept the truth. He asks her to give shradhanjali to Mohan. She tells him that Mohan will come. He tells her that Mohan is not alive. He drags her to do shradhanjali to Mohan. She scolds him for that. She says that she won’t accept even if God tells her Mohan is dead. She goes upstairs. Aryaman and other men take Mohan’s dead body from there.

Later, Aryaman and other men returns from cremation ground. Aryaman asks Rajshri about Krishna. Rajshri tells him that Krishna did not come out of the room. Aryaman goes to Krishna’s room. Krishna tells him that she is going to find job to arrange money for Mohan’s surgery. He asks her to come to her sense.

Kundan asks Rajshri that whether she know Mohan wanted to become a girl. Everyone gets shocked hearing this. Rajshri says that she don’t know what all she has to face. Kundan says that this news should not reach media. Ketan tells Kundan that media reporters are waiting outside to ask about Mohan. Dadi asks Kundan to not disturb Aryaman and Krishna now. She tells him to handle the matter. Isha and Piya agrees with Dadi.

Aryaman tells Krishna that Mohan won’t return. Krishna tells him that Mohan promised to stay with her always so the latter is lying.

Media reporters questions about Mohan to Kundan. Kundan scolds them and says that everything is rubbish. He sends them from there. Meghna says that she is not understanding why Aryaman is supporting Krishna after learning the truth too.

Aryaman drags Krishna to the bathroom and makes her drenched. He tells her that he performed the last rites of Mohan and Mohan left from this world. Krishna sits and cries. He sits beside her. She screams Mohan’s name.

Episode ends.

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