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Episode starts with Family informs Abhi that Riya locked herself in room. Abhi says Riya dies it whenever she us angry. Tai says this time it looks different. Abhi says he went to Vikram house to discuss about Riya alliance with Vikram. Aliya says you have to do it before and currently Riya is looking like lifeless person. Abhi asks what happened to Riya. Dadi says let’s go and check Riya. Aliya asks Abhi to talk with Riya before she hurts herself. Abhi goes near Riya room.

Prachi says it’s not way to propose girl and it’s scary around us so tell me what you want to say. Ranbir feels nervous. Prachi asks him to relax and asks with whom he feels nervous. Ranbir says he never feel nervous. Prachi teases him saying whether he came to propose her after informing his parents and questions what if something happens to them.

Ranbir says next time I will inform to everyone. Prachi says ok, I trust you. Ranbir says thank you and both losts in eachother eyes. Shahana feels happy seeing them.

Riya brings petrol and thinks to die saying nobody loves her. Abhi knocks the door and begs Riya to open the door. Aliya to joins him. Riya reminsces how Abhi and Ranbir loves Prachi more than her. Abhi goes backside and sees from glass door that Riya is trying to pour petrol on her. Abhi begs her to don’t do it saying he loves her.

Riya says you don’t and pours petrol on her and lits the Matchstick. Abhi runs to the door side and breaks the door and notices Riya strucked in fire. Riya shouts saying Dad it’s burning. Whole family gets shocked. Abhi save Riya draping Duvvet around her and Riya losts her conscious. Abhi gets tensed seeing her state.

Abhi asks Doctor to save his Riya in tears. Doctor goes to check her. Abhi breaksdown and asks why she tries to commit suicide. Aliya says I know it because Riya got betrayal at this young age. Abhi questions who betrayed Riya. Aliya says Prachi betrayed Riya and wants to take revenge from Riya that’s why she tried to snatch Ranbir from Riya with her fake love. Abhi says he don’t trust her.

Aliya says I know that you won’t trust me when it’s Prachi matter that’s why I didn’t tell you, Prachi tries to get close to Ranbir and he didn’t like it and they used to fight over it. Vikram reminsces past fight of Ranbir with Prachi says Aliya is correct they used to fight. Aliya says than Prachi used her friend Maya as her next plan.

Pallavi and Abhi says Prachi tried to save Ranbir from Maya than how can they are friends. Aliya says Prachi acted like that Infront of us and shows them video proof where Aliya questions Maya about what’s the truth. Than Maya reveals Prachi is her friend and they planned it to get Prachi married to Ranbir on wedding day so Riya can loose her love Ranbir.

Everyone gets shocked. Aliya says Prachi just acted to snatch Ranbir from Riya and Ranbir though Prachi is helping him and he started getting close to her and it broked Riya and she thought to end her life because you won’t believe anything against Prachi. Abhi feels sad. Aliya thinks how she made Fake video giving money to Maya and her boyfriend.

Ranbir says you’re not allowing me to propose you. Shahana says to Ranbir the Prachi anger is lie and reveals that Prachi wants to hear his proposal. Ranbir in smiles says is it and than he proposes Prachi to marry him with ring. Prachi says it’s expensive diamond ring so I can’t accept. Ranbir signs with his fingers.

Vikram and Pallavi reaches to Abhi home and gets shocked seeing the scene and Vikram goes to get the car. Pallavi asks how Riya got injured. Aliya says she tried to commit suicide. Pallavi gets shocked and everyone takes Riya to hospital.