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Episode starts with Ranbir breaksdown in Aryan arms. Aryan asks him to fight for his love like he used to fight in college. Ranbir says how to fight with my family? Whom should I win Prachi or my parents? I need both of them. Aryan asks whether he called to Prachi. Ranbir says how to talk with her. Aryan asks him to call Prachi so he can get some solution.

Prachi in tears thinks about Mr Mehra warning Nd her moments with Ranbir and sees the friendship got she got from Ranbir and than she gets his call and asks him about Rhea health. Ranbir says she is fine and asks why is she crying. Prachi says I don’t know that Rhea loves you otherwise I never even think to come in between you. Ranbir says don’t cry. Prachi says because of me Rhea is upset and everyone is saying she commited suicide because of me.

Ranbir asks who told her these things. Prachi says Mehra sir and says Mehra sir hating me and even your family hates me right. Ranbir says no. Prachi says don’t lie, I know it and I care for their opinion because I care for them. Ranbir says everyone is against their relation. Prachi asks him to follow his family wishes. Ranbir says my family asking me to forget you. Prachi says you have to follow their words and even Mehra sir warned me to stay away from you, it’s good for everyone.

Ranbir asks why she is moving from his life, when he can’t live without her. Prachi says Rhea is sensitive and you have to do it for your family. Ranbir asks what about his feelings. Prachi says everyone wants to see you with Rhea so fulfill their wishes. Ranbir says he won’t let anyone snatch his love from him and cuts the call. Both feels emotional.

Saritha asks Prachi to drink the milk. Prachi asks why didn’t Mom return back to home , maybe issue is increased. Saritha says don’t worry, she will handle it so don’t worry and drink the milk and don’t blame yourself. Prachi hugs her.

Abhi asks how’s Prachi. Pragya says good and asks about Rhea. Abhi says she is not bad like you assume. Pragya says I’m not saying she is bad, I’m saying she don’t know how to differentiate good and bad, she hired Driver to kill Prachi. Abhi says Rhea can never think to kill someone. Pragya says I’m not lying. Abhi says maybe you mistaken. Pragya says but that driver. Abhi says won’t you trust me?

Because Rhea is my daughter and she is like me and fighting for her life so don’t talk anything wrong about her. Pragya says I’m sorry ,let’s won’t fight about it. Aliya thinks to seperate them and goes towards than and asks what’s Pragya doing here. Abhi says Prachi is his daughter and sister if Rhea. Aliya says I got to know the answers for Rhea condition. Abhi asks her to don’t say anything against Pragya. Aliya says Rhea is already insecure and she didn’t know this truth too and blames Pragya for everything. Pragya says I’m feeling bad to leave Rhea.

Aliya says you never remembered Rhea and that’s why you didn’t search your daughter. Pragya says she didn’t know their address. Aliya says you’re lying and you know the truth that Rhea is her daughter. Abhi asks what are you saying. Aliya says Pragya got so much anger on you that’s why she didn’t to came to meet you and Rhea and Aaliya tells Pragya came to know Rhea is her daughter then she decided to take revenge from her. Pragya says don’t say anything. Aliya says a daughter wants to take a mother’s revenge and Prachi wants to spoil her sister life.

Pragya says Prachi don’t know the truth and I didn’t know Rhea is my daughter that time. Aliya says how can you don’t get it? You may know it when you came to our house with Saritha as caterer. Pragya dad’s I didn’t know. Aliya says you know it but you’re lying. Abhi asks her to stop it. Aliya says you always stop me, don’t forget what Prachi did to Rhea and Rhea tried to commit suicide because of Prachi.

Pragya says Prachi is innocent. Aliya says how can you blame our upbringing for your daughter? Pragya says she never differentiate her kids. Aliya questions how she comeback when she said to never return back. Pragya sats I know it but I returned to Delhi for Prachi.