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Episode begins with Sanjana tells Sherlyn to stay away from Mahira otherwise with her she also has to end up in problem. Ramona who heard her says she didn’t expected this from Sanjana. Sanjana says everyone saw how Mahira behaved with the guests so she is not saying anything wrong. Sherlyn tells them to stop fighting.

Ramona tells Sanjana to listen Sherlyn because she too knows that Mahira is not wrong. Sanjana tells Sherlyn that she wants good for her that’s why warning her and says after Mahira’s behavior Luthra’s will hate her and also the ones who is supporting her so Sherlyn should not support Mahira and pleads her to listen her at least this time. She says with Mahira they will break relationship with her too. Mahira who heard everything leaves from there without saying anything. Ramona tries to stop her but no use. Sherlyn follows her. Preeta meets her friend. Rishab gives water to Karan and laughs at him seeing his reaction.

Karan says it’s not what Rishab thinking. Rishab asks what is he thinking. Karan says he danced with Preeta because of compulsion and he didn’t enjoyed it. Rishab says he didn’t said anything. Karan asks where is Preeta. Rishab asks already he is missing her or what. Karan says Rishab speaking too much today. Rishab tells him to accept that something is there. Karan says everything happens because of her eyes, once he sees those eyes it’s difficult to concentrate on anything else. Rishab teases him.

Sarla says Preeta and Karan looked so good together. Police inspector says it’s good to see Preeta made place in his house and tells her to call her if anything happens to her and leaves from there. Sristy says this Police inspector is so good and cares about Preeta too and asks why Preeta didn’t informed her about Mahira’s crimes. Preeta says it’s not the right time to give any complaint and also they doesn’t have any solid proof against Mahira. Karan takes Preeta with him saying he wants to talk to her.

He asks her where she went without informing him. She says she will explain him before that tells him to confess he missed her when she was not here. He agrees that he missed her and tells her to reply his question. She notices Mahira coming towards them and tells him to repeat his line. He says he missed her when she was not here and Mahira shocks hearing him. He holds her hand and tells him to leave her hand saying everyone seeing them. He says she is his wife and he has all the rights to hold his hand. He notices Mahira there and understands what Preeta did.

Mahira tries to go from there but Sherlyn stops her. Ranu aunt says Preeta’s boss Renuka told her that Karan and Preeta used to work together. Kareena asks Preeta where she went leaving her own reception. Preeta says she was feeling suffocated so went outside for sometime. Rakhi says Sarla was right Mahira presence affects Preeta and takes the mike and announces that Preeta’s ‘Muh dikhayi’ ritual will happen tomorrow again. Sarla tells Preeta to stand against Sherlyn and expose her to Luthra’s.

Karan tells Rishab that Mahira already knows Preeta will go outside that’s why she weard a dress like Preeta. They asks Sameer that did he knows where Preeta went. Sameer lies to them saying he doesn’t know and if he knows why he will hide it from them. Sherlyn feels sad thinking every plan spoiled and Preeta is with Karan once again. Preeta warns her to not mess with her again otherwise she won’t leave her.

Episode ends.