Star Plus’s show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is going to be shown major twist and turns in upcoming episodes, Meenakshi will finally get agreed for Mishbir Wedding. Yes you heard absolutely right, as you seen in ongoing episodes Mishti is all set to becomes Nishant’s wife and going to get married with him, but she stills loves Abir and getting ready for doing marriage for only her Bade Papa’s sake. But Vishambhar unware from this and he’s happy because Mishti is ready to get married. Nishant plotting against Abir-Mishti with Meenakshi to fails Abir in telling his truth to Mishti’s Bade Papa and family, he pretending like he has drunk again because of Abir, that’s why Mishti said Abir to get out from home and never will comeback in her life for her family and Nishant’s happiness. Later Abir finds out that Nishant didn’t drunk any alcohol and only tricking to fail Abir. Then Abir only then leaves to go Mishti’s home to tells everyone Nishant’s truth, but badly he get accident and falls to lake. But Nishant didn’t save him and run away from there immediately, and behave like everything is normal or he don’t know anything. On other side Mishti has feels that something has happened bad with Abir, and goes in search of Abir. But now such news is coming that Mishti will be found Abir and then Meenakshi will feel that after so many tries she didn’t found Abir but Mishti did it and finally found Abir before her, then she will realize, Mishti is a right girl for to be a life partner of Abir and get agreed for Mishbir Wedding, and apologize to Abir for all her mistakes. Now it will be interesting to see that, Will Meenakshi has really happened agreed for Mishbir Wedding or not?, Will Nishant get agreed to leave Mishti?

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