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Episode begins with Anjali praises Prakashi saying now she can sleep peacefully. Virendra says to Anjali that until he is there she can’t sleep peacefully and shows the mask and black dress to her. He asks her that how can she steal in her own house and how dare she to threaten his Kids. Prakashi says to him that Anjali is daughter in law of this house so why will she steal something. She asks Anjali that what Virendra talking about. Virendra asks Anjali that will she accept her crime or not and says to her that he has proof against her. He says to her that she forget to remove her ring and asks her to tell the truth. Prakashi tells Anjali to answer Virendra.

Anjali falls on Virendra’s feet and apologize to him and says to him that she did sin by stealing from her own house and pleads him to not throw her out of the house and cries. She says to him that she won’t do any mistake in future and pleads him to forgive her this time. He says to her that he forgave her many times already but she didn’t change so this time she will be punished definitely. She asks Prakashi to help her saying Virendra won’t go against Prakashi’s decision. Virendra says to Anjali that she is Purvi and his Kids culprit so they will punish her. Anjali pleads Purvi to forgive her. Purvi forgives Anjali and asks Kids that how they want to punish Anjali.

Anjali says to Kids that she loves them so much. Kids says they wants to lock Anjali in the cell like she locked them. Purvi locks Anjali in the cell. Anjali pleads her to not do like this and asks her to open it. Purvi says to her that she already warned her but she tortured her kids so she deserves this punishment. Police inspector calls Virendra and informs him that those Kidnappers committed suicide. Virendra shocks hearing him. Prakashi recalls how she called the Constable and asked him to kill those Kidnappers.

Purvi reads Virendra’s note and goes to the terrace. She gets surprised seeing gifts for her and thanks Virendra. Virendra promises to make portrait of her. She says to him that he stopped doing that after Sakshi’s death then why now. He says to her that after her arrrival in his life, he changed and he decided to fill his life with new colours.

Purvi says to Kids that they are going to the village fair. Kids gets excited hearing her and goes to get ready. Purvi asks Sudha to meet her in the village fair. Jyoti gives food to Anjali without anyone’s knowledge and informs her that everyone went to village fair. Anjali and Jyoti disguises themselves and reaches the village fair.

In village fair, Purvi says to Virendra that she doesn’t know to shoot. He teases her then teach her to shoot. Jyoti says to Anjali that no one will identify them. Virendra, Purvi and Kids are eating “Pani puri”. Anjali gets angry seeing them. Kids goes for Ferris wheel ride. Anjali tells her plan to Jyoti.

Episode ends.