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The episode starts with Ragupathi saying to Mansi that Surya often visits this area. He badmouths Surya. Mansi gets angry and asks him to shut up. She takes his photo and drives off.

In the colony, Surya says to Anu that he got worried after her reading her message. He further says that he was already worried about his mother because she got scared on seeing a nightmare last night. He was with her whole night, so he couldn’t answer her calls. Surya then informs Anu that he will not come to the office today and asks her not to bring two lunch boxes and do any drama. Anu asks for the reason. Surya tells that his mother was still sleeping when he left home. He needs to go back and pacifies her. They share a smile. Surya gets ready to leave. Anu stops him. Ragupathi comes there and spots Anu with Surya. Anu prays to God in the temple. She tells Surya that she knows he doesn’t believe in God, but asks him to accept the vibuthi for her sake. Surya agrees. She applies the vibuthi on his forehead. Ragupathi searches for his phone to click their photo and realizes that he left the phone at home and regrets it. Surya and Anu have a discussion about faith on God. Anu tells indirectly that Surya didn’t confess his feelings for her yet. Surya smiles. He takes the vermilion from the temple and applies it on Anu’s forehead. He says that he will always be with her and asks her not to worry about anything. He takes her leave.

Later, Sharda tells Surya that her nightmare disturbed her lot. Surya asks her to forget about it. He then tells that he’s not going to office today leaving her alone. Sharda assures him that she’s fine and asks him to go to the office. Surya says that she will keep thinking about the nightmare once he leaves for the office. He suggests staying for a while in the guesthouse nearby their office. Sharda says that a change of a place will do good to her and agrees.

Mansi angrily comes back home. Gopi tells her that Surya has returned home. She goes to Surya and says that he drove the car very fast morning which surprises Sharda. Mansi explains that she wanted to give a return gift to Surya and ordered a track band. Surya left home in hurry before she could give him the gift. So she followed Surya but ended up meeting an idiot. She shows Ragupathi’s photo to Surya and says that he annoyed him with his talks and cooked up some stories about Surya. The latter asks Mansi not to take him seriously. He tells that Ragupathi was an old dealer. He canceled his dealing due to some payments issues. He’s trying hard to get pack the dealership. His habit is to blabber rubbish about him and his company. Surya then asks Mansi that she could’ve waited for him to come back to give the gift. Mansi says that she was curious, so she followed him. He apologizes to him for the same. She hands the watch to Surya and says that till Surya gets married this will be his stress controller after marriage his wife will do that work.

Surya informs Mansi that he’s planning to move to the guesthouse nearby the office and Sharda is also coming with him. Mansi says that Chandra can’t live here without Surya and Sharda and she can’t live without Chandra. Sharda says that they all can shift to the guesthouse. Mansi gets excited hearing this.

Meanwhile Swamiyadi visits Anu. She says that Anu will get lot of happiness in her life, but before that she has to face lot of struggles. She asks Anu to have faith in Goddess. Anu looks on worried.

The episode ends.